Friday, June 18, 2010

Last week in Provo MTC

I cant believe that i leave Thursday! i am not ready! i don't know any Spanish really! i can kinda introduce myself and ask a few questions, but that's about it. I'm not ready to be surrounded! we talked to a teacher yesterday that was from the DR, and it was scary!! she said that they drop off the endings of most words and don't say their "s" or "r"'s so that's super crazy. she then recited the first vision in Spanish and it was so fast! a lot of the Spanish teachers could barely understand. I'm freakin out! there is soooo much more i need to know.. oh well, it will come eventually! so i don't really know what else to say...i am the reining champion of the push game which is good haha. life is all just the same! work class study study eat sleep! Also, i don't know if heather asked you, but i have a very important question for EVERYONE who may read this. Is Cain Bigfoot?! our branch president wont answer it. so I'm asking you. i think he is, but am unsure.

so I'm pretty sure i get the least mail outta my zone. lets change that eh? good plan.

also, since i leave so early thurs, dont sent me any letters (in snail mail) unless you send them today or tommorow or else i probably wont get them. also, dear elders are prited at night, so dont send me dear elders the the provo mtc after wendsday afternoon. starting thurs send them to the DR mtc. there is an option to send them there when you write me on dear elder. gracias.

oh! everyone, send me pictures! i forgot all mine! any pictues! email them or snail mail them please! oh, and read the last 10 or so sentances of my last email, i think you forgot about those :) hahahahahaha love you guys!!

-Elder Brady MacArthur

Friday, June 11, 2010

Week 2, Provo MTC

its crazy here! its unreal the amount of stuff that i have to stuff into my head in such a short amount of time.. i feel really dumb compared to the misionaros because they all have had a few years of Spanish, but i think in another week we will be far past their 3 years of Spanish! we have learned how to contact people and pray and bear testimony and verb conjugations and possession and gender.... man so much stuff! and sorry, every time that i hit the period button it puts 2 sorry about that!

so you need to tell more people to write me! either write me actual letters or send me letters via *Dear Elder*, that would be the best.. dear elders are the bomb.. because while i am in the MTC here and the DR mtc,i have only 30 min on the computer and its hard to have to read a bunch of emails and to write back in 30 min.. so if i can read them during the week that would help mucho!! so ya, dear elder would make me happy.. we get those the same day they are sent..

so nothing is really new here.. just study eat class eat study class eat class study.. busy all the time.. i can say that i am not a fan of the mtc........i cant wait to get out into the field! its just so weird here......i dunno how to explain it.. and i like my companion, but he is getting a bit on my nerves as time goes by..

anyways, we got our travel plans today!! we have to be at the travel office at 3 am on the 24th, we arrive in Santo Domingo with 12 others at 730 pm.. that's right.. we are traveling for 11..5 hours.. booo! but im still stoked! less than 2 weeks left here! 13 days! haha.. its super hot here.. like all the rooms are just stuffy.. i am so sick of being sweaty all the time......and its just going to get worse......haha luckily it rained yesterday, and its super cool today.. that's the only real reason i miss my phone, never knowing what the forecast is! i never know the weather and i don't like that..

oh, and send me pictures! love you guys! again, send me dear elders EVERY DAY and then i can have a good long letter for you and use the whole 30 min :)
-Elder MacArthur

Saturday, June 5, 2010

First letter, Provo MTC

why hello there papa and mama! ok, so oh my goodness. you have no idea how much madness the MTC really is. for realz. ok, so the first day was kinda psycho. got all of our supplies, like name tags language books and all that good stuff. went and put our bags in our rooms and then went straight to class to meet our teachers, our district, and for just some general orientation. it was a long and busy day. Thursday was even more hectic, learning about how everything works and the flow of the MTC and such. started to take some classes and learned how to pray in Spanish! ahhh! i swear half my district has taken a few years of Spanish and i feel hopelessly lame when they are talking about all sorts of crazy things....but i am picking it up a lot faster than i ever thought i could. i can say a basic cookie cutter prayer without notes and can bear my testimony with my notes kinda ok.

but man, when any teacher or native starts to talk in Spanish, even stuff we have learned, it just goes WAY over my head! aye aye aye! but that will come! its unreal, we do something called speak your language or as we say HEI and pretty much once you learn somethings en espanol, you do your best to replace that in general conversation. so if i know how to say where is the bathroom then i just say donde esta bano. its hard but it works pretty well! helps me remember a lot of things which is good! so ya, onto Friday, by far the busiest day yet. hours and hours of class and a workshop about how to begin teaching, a large group meeting with all the newbies about study journals and our purpose and such. today is our P day and it had been so good.

learned a ton of Spanish this morning about verbs and how to put sentences together and form questions. learning a lot, but like i said, it is so hard here. much much harder than i could possibly have expected! oh, and from now on until i leave Provo my P day is on Friday, but for newbies we have crazy weird schedules until Sunday, Sunday on we go on the same schedule as the rest of our zone which will be so nice! much more MDT (missionary directed time, basically use your discretion with personal and companionship study and language study) and it will just be a much more refined and not such a broken up schedule. sorry if this is kinda jumbled we only have 30 min on the computer and I am just writing things as they come to me haha. OH! so fun story. i got my packet and such the first day and one of my papers with my address on it said that my estimated departure date was august 3rd....uhhh what?! half my district is going to Argentina and the rest are going to the DR with me doing the phased training. and all of the misionaros going to the DR said that they were leaving on the 24 of June, this month. so i was kinda freakin out about that. went to travel services and it was just sorta a mistake, i do indeed have a flight on the 24 with the others but she said the computers are kinda lame sometimes so even though it said the 3rd of august it really was June 24th. so that is good.

my companion (mi companero) is Elder Joseph Beutler, and he is awesome. he is super tall and skinny, and he is also a swimmer! he lived in st george and he is amazing at swimming. like, NEVER has lost the 200 or 500 free in high school. set state records for them both. mucho faster than Dane and Evan and such. crazy. he has a full ride to COLUMBIA in NY for swimming! aye. so ya. and the rest of the guys in my distrito are really super so that is good!

but ya i am glad to be here ( wouldn't go so far as to say 'enjoying' it here, but it is good experience and i am learning tons! cant wait to get to the DR! and TELL PEOPLE to write me! i have only gotten one letter, from dear elder, from Victoria. i want more!! hahaha. so, ya. cool beans. i will talk to you later! love you guys so much! ill send pics when i can, but probably not for awhile.

-Elder Brady MacArthur
ps. i now know why people gain so much weight SO much food, lots and lots of sitting (although i go up like 983790234 flights of stairs a day O_o )