Friday, June 11, 2010

Week 2, Provo MTC

its crazy here! its unreal the amount of stuff that i have to stuff into my head in such a short amount of time.. i feel really dumb compared to the misionaros because they all have had a few years of Spanish, but i think in another week we will be far past their 3 years of Spanish! we have learned how to contact people and pray and bear testimony and verb conjugations and possession and gender.... man so much stuff! and sorry, every time that i hit the period button it puts 2 sorry about that!

so you need to tell more people to write me! either write me actual letters or send me letters via *Dear Elder*, that would be the best.. dear elders are the bomb.. because while i am in the MTC here and the DR mtc,i have only 30 min on the computer and its hard to have to read a bunch of emails and to write back in 30 min.. so if i can read them during the week that would help mucho!! so ya, dear elder would make me happy.. we get those the same day they are sent..

so nothing is really new here.. just study eat class eat study class eat class study.. busy all the time.. i can say that i am not a fan of the mtc........i cant wait to get out into the field! its just so weird here......i dunno how to explain it.. and i like my companion, but he is getting a bit on my nerves as time goes by..

anyways, we got our travel plans today!! we have to be at the travel office at 3 am on the 24th, we arrive in Santo Domingo with 12 others at 730 pm.. that's right.. we are traveling for 11..5 hours.. booo! but im still stoked! less than 2 weeks left here! 13 days! haha.. its super hot here.. like all the rooms are just stuffy.. i am so sick of being sweaty all the time......and its just going to get worse......haha luckily it rained yesterday, and its super cool today.. that's the only real reason i miss my phone, never knowing what the forecast is! i never know the weather and i don't like that..

oh, and send me pictures! love you guys! again, send me dear elders EVERY DAY and then i can have a good long letter for you and use the whole 30 min :)
-Elder MacArthur

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