Monday, September 27, 2010

its wet here!

he really wanted me to have that bag on my head. awesome. 

aye, so as all of you have said, yes, it has rained ALOT here. man. you will see in the pics i send how much it has rained. its been really hard to get good numbers this week, as all the intersections in all the streets of moscu were lakes that were nigh impossible to pass by. sooo much mud! man. it made it hard to contact, to get to the lessons that we had scheduled, and members did not want to come with us. lame-o,  so that's been just super duper fun! 

wow. so this is again outside that members house in moscu, and man, that lake is honestly one you could swim in! its crazy how much water came down this week! aye. it took so long to go places, so much mud and all the intersections were like this and made it really hard to go where we needed to go!
so, once again, not much to say hahaha. but this week has been alot better but still pretty hard. I'm understanding not much more...which is lame. but this week has been SUPER fast. man. but i have not slept at all. which is lame since its been way cooler every night because of the rain and such. i don't really have any fun stories! i mean, everything is crazy here and all, but i have NO idea how to explain it!. 

more views of the lake! yes, this country is super duper clean...hahaha. the last one is a different view of the same lake. its HUGE. man. 

on Thursday, this was after about 10 min of rain outside the zone leaders house. this is after it rained hard. once i send you my memory card i can show you the videos of

 oh, here is one story. so honestly, if there is one church that is Satan likes its the evangelical church. really. they are the least Christlike people ever. we will walk by one of their churches and they will like swear at us as we walk by, as they are in the church. awesome. they are the only ones that wont listen to us. they are crazy. really. and they believe that you cant wear makeup, girls cant wear pants, and weird things. their church services are like parties and concerts...its honestly creepy. i get the heebie jeebies when i walk by them. i know its not really great to say that, but man. the only mean people here are evangelical. i thought it was all catholic here, nope. its all evangelical and 7th day Adventists and those kind of churches. aye aye aye. not cool. anywho, that's about all i have for you. ill send you some pics and good explanations to them!

yep. that my friends is a SIGNED pauly shore shirt. i know you are jealous. 60 pesos in the market. love this country. 

super cute kid! he is the kid of the baptizm we had last week. soo stinkin cute.

Monday, September 20, 2010


barrio moscu welcome sign!

so, this week has been super long for me. aye aye aye. i dunno why, but I've just had i bit of a hard time this week. just been super exhausted and such. i dunno. but, its now a new week! we had a baptism on Saturday, her name is Esmeralda and is 23, and madly in love with my companion haha. gave him a love letter. it was super poetic hahahahaha. oh man. so that was pretty funny! um, then we did a lesson with a little kid named fouster, and i almost started to cry....i was teaching the whole thing. they were all yelling at me earlier in the week because i didn't talk much, so we told him if he read id do the whole lesson. it was awful. i got one sentence in and one of the girls there (she is a member) just BURSTS into hysterical laughter. no good. so the entire time i was just pretty much in tears, it was so so so not fun. so I've been just a  bit bummed all week. so ya, that's kinda what I've been up to this last week! nothing much more that that! haha. i just REALLY with i would start to understand what in the heck people are saying to me! man, my emails are getting more and more lame hahaha. i need to write down for you guys what i do everyday, but days just blurr together...its hard to try and explain what i really do...anywho, i promise to send a better email next week, and make sure i have some things to say haha. now for pictures!!

spidy sandwich

elder carter and me, and his beautiful angry grandma face!  
after one transfer these are my new compo ties!

Awesome shirt :)

biiig spider web....

Monday, September 13, 2010

Its me again

hello world! ok, so to start, no pictures today....sorry! long story. but, next week for sure. anywho, this week was weird. first off, my comp was pretty sick on Tuesday so we didn't go out and work,  he was in the bathroom all day! bummer. but got lots of reading in the BOM done! all week though, in the mornings, we had to walk to the church and then have a 2 hour meeting to re lean how to teach...its weird. its all in Spanish, so i understand only bits and pieces, but essentially its the same, but just really emphasizing that we need to teach people, not lessons, and REALLY depend on the spirit more when we teach. so that has been cool. and we are supposed to pray on our knees for every lesson, which sad to say will not happen here very often. very few houses in our area have real floors. occasionally they do. but usually its a mess of dirt and cement. so we will see how that goes. also, half our lessons are out in alleys between houses in the rocky mud. so....ya, no kneeling in that haha. aye. but other than that no real crazy stories.

right now until tomorrow morning i am in a trio with the other Zone leader, his companion, elder carter left yesterday! aye. like, he is in the office till Wednesday and then comes home Wednesday night! so that was a bit hard, i wont lie. it was making me reallllly miss home. alot. but, one day it will other than that, no real exciting stories! its rained pretty hard a few times the last few days which has been nice, cooled it down a bit. but moscu suuure was muddy! aye aye aye. so random, but i cant remember which counselor dad is in the bishopric? so that would be cool if you could lemme know haha. so, i really dont know what else to say! i will be able to tell you how much my Spanish has really progressed next week, when i meet all the new kids that come in tomorrow hahaha. so hopefully its better then theirs haha. but no promises! aye sometimes i feel like i will never learn it! i have no idea how grandpa could have learned Finnish on his own! thats like...the hardest language ever! and Spanish is suuuper simple! or so i thought! aye. not cool! anywho, i know it will come and i just have to work really hard and such, but man i don't have any patience! ok well buh-bye for now!

-Elder MacArthur

Monday, September 6, 2010

Goliath in my appartment

all three are pictures of one of my areas, moscu.

OK, so first off, no, we got pretty much NOTHING from the hurricane. lame. just a tiny bit of rain one day. but, i did get some really sweet sunset pictures! haha ill send some off. so, sorry for no pictures last week! i hooked up my camera, got all ready to send some, and guess what? i realized i hadn't taken a single photo all week! which is pretty impressive, because i LOVE taking pictures as you well know!! haha. its just hard, i cant just whip out my camera, i have to make sure people aren't around so we don't get robbed later on that day....anywho, i have a few sweet ones for you this week!! ok, so, this week has gone by super fast!  nothing super exciting though, sorry to say....just lots of random crazy things!

also in moscu, last monday. so, right when that hurricane was my neighbor! awesome sunset!

oh, so i went to my first marcado, market place. it was madness. found the pile of ties and dug in!! but the lady totally ripped us off and charged us 30 pesos each! they are usually only 20! lame. we had to pay almost a whole doller for each tie! dad will be jeaouls. i bought 2 wembly ties. for 30 pesos. hahah. awesome. anywho, the only real story i can think of right now is i had my first monster of a spider (ok, it wasnt really a spider. it was more like a small dog with 8 legs....) really guys, it was huge. we killed it with fire!! oh man. it freaked me out SO bad when i saw it!! luckily it was one of the few nights we had light when we got home, or else we wouldent have seen it. ill try and send you the video, but i dunno if i can. its kinda long and in high def so dunno if i can but ill try! if not you will have to wait until i send you my memory card. but man, i cant tell you how big it was. i was freakin out.
wait....what that on the wall?

waaaayyy after its dead and shriveled. i promise it was WAY bigger than this with all its legs and alive...

man just look at that furry beast....

for p day today we just kinda went and had a barbaque, its elder carter and valdez last pday today!! aye. im going to miss carter, such a cool guy!! but he is going to get some of his attractive lady friends to write me hahaha. oh, and all this week and part of next week we have to go to a class with the zone for 2 hours. they are completely overhauling the way we teach...not just our mission, the church is changing again how we teach. still preach my gospel based, but changing a few things. i dont know much about it yet, but like one thing, we have to pray on our knees in every lesson. yippie. thats all good and fine in normal places, but when we are teaching in dark damp alleyways with rocks dirt glass barbed wire, etc, not so much a fan of that....we teach inside a house probably barely over 50% of the time. so that will be just super! anywho, im just sending pictues now. so, unil next week!! sorry this was kinda a lame email, but im sending alot pf photos to make up for it hahaha.

1st 2, walkin in moscu
a lake outside a members house in moscu...its usually there, but its HUGE like this after the rain....
creepy doll head floting in the lake as previously mentioned....
frog jerky!! we picked it up off the road and are going to send it to elder horrocks and elder bagley hahahahaha
baptizm! the taller one is jose, and is a member. hes 17, the small one is Manuel, baptized him! he is 14. jose did the baptizm, it was aweome. i love these kids!
me manuel jose and elder jones
just chillin in a rusty armored truck....
again, rusty armored truck
i know im cool...