Monday, September 27, 2010

its wet here!

he really wanted me to have that bag on my head. awesome. 

aye, so as all of you have said, yes, it has rained ALOT here. man. you will see in the pics i send how much it has rained. its been really hard to get good numbers this week, as all the intersections in all the streets of moscu were lakes that were nigh impossible to pass by. sooo much mud! man. it made it hard to contact, to get to the lessons that we had scheduled, and members did not want to come with us. lame-o,  so that's been just super duper fun! 

wow. so this is again outside that members house in moscu, and man, that lake is honestly one you could swim in! its crazy how much water came down this week! aye. it took so long to go places, so much mud and all the intersections were like this and made it really hard to go where we needed to go!
so, once again, not much to say hahaha. but this week has been alot better but still pretty hard. I'm understanding not much more...which is lame. but this week has been SUPER fast. man. but i have not slept at all. which is lame since its been way cooler every night because of the rain and such. i don't really have any fun stories! i mean, everything is crazy here and all, but i have NO idea how to explain it!. 

more views of the lake! yes, this country is super duper clean...hahaha. the last one is a different view of the same lake. its HUGE. man. 

on Thursday, this was after about 10 min of rain outside the zone leaders house. this is after it rained hard. once i send you my memory card i can show you the videos of

 oh, here is one story. so honestly, if there is one church that is Satan likes its the evangelical church. really. they are the least Christlike people ever. we will walk by one of their churches and they will like swear at us as we walk by, as they are in the church. awesome. they are the only ones that wont listen to us. they are crazy. really. and they believe that you cant wear makeup, girls cant wear pants, and weird things. their church services are like parties and concerts...its honestly creepy. i get the heebie jeebies when i walk by them. i know its not really great to say that, but man. the only mean people here are evangelical. i thought it was all catholic here, nope. its all evangelical and 7th day Adventists and those kind of churches. aye aye aye. not cool. anywho, that's about all i have for you. ill send you some pics and good explanations to them!

yep. that my friends is a SIGNED pauly shore shirt. i know you are jealous. 60 pesos in the market. love this country. 

super cute kid! he is the kid of the baptizm we had last week. soo stinkin cute.

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