Monday, September 13, 2010

Its me again

hello world! ok, so to start, no pictures today....sorry! long story. but, next week for sure. anywho, this week was weird. first off, my comp was pretty sick on Tuesday so we didn't go out and work,  he was in the bathroom all day! bummer. but got lots of reading in the BOM done! all week though, in the mornings, we had to walk to the church and then have a 2 hour meeting to re lean how to teach...its weird. its all in Spanish, so i understand only bits and pieces, but essentially its the same, but just really emphasizing that we need to teach people, not lessons, and REALLY depend on the spirit more when we teach. so that has been cool. and we are supposed to pray on our knees for every lesson, which sad to say will not happen here very often. very few houses in our area have real floors. occasionally they do. but usually its a mess of dirt and cement. so we will see how that goes. also, half our lessons are out in alleys between houses in the rocky mud. so....ya, no kneeling in that haha. aye. but other than that no real crazy stories.

right now until tomorrow morning i am in a trio with the other Zone leader, his companion, elder carter left yesterday! aye. like, he is in the office till Wednesday and then comes home Wednesday night! so that was a bit hard, i wont lie. it was making me reallllly miss home. alot. but, one day it will other than that, no real exciting stories! its rained pretty hard a few times the last few days which has been nice, cooled it down a bit. but moscu suuure was muddy! aye aye aye. so random, but i cant remember which counselor dad is in the bishopric? so that would be cool if you could lemme know haha. so, i really dont know what else to say! i will be able to tell you how much my Spanish has really progressed next week, when i meet all the new kids that come in tomorrow hahaha. so hopefully its better then theirs haha. but no promises! aye sometimes i feel like i will never learn it! i have no idea how grandpa could have learned Finnish on his own! thats like...the hardest language ever! and Spanish is suuuper simple! or so i thought! aye. not cool! anywho, i know it will come and i just have to work really hard and such, but man i don't have any patience! ok well buh-bye for now!

-Elder MacArthur

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