Monday, November 29, 2010

hello hello!

1st y 2nd, the President Almonte´s iguana!

my current zone
So, hi! how are y'all? seems like the hoods is the only one here that had a good week! if you don't know, she is officially engaged. lame i know, i haven't even met the dude. so that's cool. so, no real fun stories again this week, was super average. really jealous about the snow! i know that i say this every week, but it was a bit hotter than usual. and 2 nights ago, all the dogs in san cristobal (there is a SERIOUS stray dog problem here. sooooooooooo many dogs!) decided to have a party in our street at 2 am. and every one was barking. i was going to go down and kick them all.  man alive. soo loud.

this pic is SOOO dominican. 4 ppl on a moto, a horse cart picking up garbage. awesome.

me and elder bird. i realllly wanna be his comp later on!!

my thanksgiving, 2 tomato and cheese sandwiches and OJ. and cheese here is super pricey and rubbery with no taste, FYI,,,
 Thanksgiving i was starving all day, like my body knew what i should have been doing that day!! ill send you a pic of what my "thanksgiving" meal was.... haha.
so, my email are really boring. I'm sorry. lets do this, if you email me ill respond to you and answer all the questions you have, and then send out a big one to the fam and everyone giving a overview of my week eh? transfers are next week and i should be leaving, so ill have more to say and i should have more Internet time (my comp is super psycho about Internet time aye aye aye) so ya. well do that. ill send pics now since i haven't sent any for awhile!"
I'm gonna hit 6 months on Thursday! crazy huh?
1 y 2, eating PACO FISH and dumplings at a members! love it.

spider! this is less than 5 min after we smashed it. those ants work fast!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

I want snow!

so this is the email i sent to dad, and i don't have much time so I'm just sending it to everyone as my weekly email haha

ye aye aye, you write me a legit letter, and it happens to be the week where i basically have NO time. boooo. so, we had interviews today. we have them every other transfer. so, i didn't get a p day really. i guess it was, since pretty much all day i just sat around with our zone playing dominoes and talking! but we had to be at the mission home at 8 am and we left there at about 5, and i got to the Internet center at about 540 ish. boo. pday ends at 6, but pres said it ends at 7 today, but we still have to go back to our area, so i only have like 30 min left here, and of course i don't have my camera cable with me so once again i cant send pictures. i feel really bad but hey, its life. haha. so, ill attempt to kinda respond to this haha. sounds like you week was just super!!!

I'm SO jealous of the snow, man. its hot. i love snow. the pictures with the house covered in snow with Christmas lights, Christmas is going to be really hard. and thanksgiving. will be really hard. but for interviews today we had our thanksgiving-Christmas dinner-lunch. it was awesome. but not a real Thanksgiving. no, they have no idea what thanksgiving is, its 100% America haha.

The average for one area is about 3 transfers, 18 weeks. so, i should be leaving. i have taught the area to elder natera, so i should leave and he will get a new comp. i have NO idea when i will be calling. but, i think the best thing is i will just call your cell phone, and you call me back on whatever phone your at. calling cards are super pricey here and when times up, they just end. so that way you can pay for the call !! hahah your welcome.  but ill let you know.

Bummer about the utes!!! aye aye aye.
So ya. my week was nothing special. we had a baptism fall because of some weird things. basically he was visiting his real mom and she said stuff about his dad (who is an AWESOME guy) and no he doesn't want to come home, and its just not good. so we will see what happiness with that. then on Saturday, i had "I'm a little teapot" stuck in my head. allllll day. i was going crazy. i would sing everything i could think of to make it leave, and 2 min later i would be singing the teapot song again. it was terrible. man.oh, and Sunday, a member girl named daƱa gave my companion a boche (a....lecture? i dunno) about his unibrow hahahahahahahahahahal. it was the funniest conversation i have ever listened to haha. but ya, ill try and send a better email next week when i have time!! love you guys!!

oh, and, people pray in REALLY weird ways here. in one lesson, a guy started a prayer with "jeovah dios, padre celestial del espiritu santo" which means basically "Jehovah god, heavenly father of the holy ghost". ya. it was strange. I've had some other really awesome ones but i don't remember them now....

Elder MacArthur

Monday, November 15, 2010

Kola Real

okey dokey. this week was just super. so Monday, a week ago, we had a noche de hogar (family home evening) with some of our investigators. it was really awesome! was at the house of Marsili and her 3 girls, and her neighbor Yomadi also, we always teach them together. they are the ones that have been progressing really well and all, but don't really want to get married. so we showed them a video called "together forever" about marriage and the plan of salvation in general, gives a bunch of stories about all sorts of people in all walks of life. was really good. but alas, they still don't really want to get married (Yomadi because she doesn't want her husband to be an adulterer..... ya this country is awesome) but more on them later....

Tuesday was odd. a surprise intercambio at our district meeting, i went with one of the zls to his area, elder abreau, and we taught a few lessons, and contacted, but the best part was we had one of the coolest members with us. this bug guy named hank, super awesome. his passion is classic rock. he is absolutely in love with Kansas and guns and roses. its awesome. but he is an rm and is a great teacher and an awesome guy to talk with. at night he came to our house and i talked with him for like 2 hours about random stuff, like mission stories and all sorts of stuff, he served in the Santiago (north) mission.

Wednesday started out good! outside the zls house there is a truck that sells fresh fruit. so i had fresh pineapple cantaloupe watermelon lechosa (cant remember lechosa in English....) banana all smothered in honey for breakfast. twas awesome. nothing else really of note on Wednesday. 

Thursday was...long. really, REALLY long. i don't know why. but in my notes of things to tell you for the week, that's all i wrote for Thursday HHS. 

Friday we went to the zls area again for a baptismal interview, and while we waited we kinda explored that barrio, its really cool. i have some pics of it, but alas again I'm on the worlds crappiest computer and it wont talk with my camera, so i will have to send them next week. we then ate lunch with a member, and it was super good. chicken, rice and beans. ya! the rest of the day was standard, but it was hotter than usual, my oh my. so hot. then at night we went to canastica, the area of some of the sister missionaries for another baptismal interview and i talked with one of the sisters from up north for like an hour about this country and such, was awesome. and alas, after we were done the last buss had already passed for the night, and were a long way from home. so we got home really late after bumming our ride with all sorts of slightly sketchy transport....

Saturday, no baptisms sadly, but we ate dinner with a member. and it was one of the greatest meals ever. hahah, dumplings and Paco fish! man alive it is sooo good. and that's about it haha. 

Sunday, NONE of our investigators came to church except one. SO, not cool. we are going to have to drop some of them because they haven't come to church after like 4 weeks. booo. but that's about it for my week! hope yours were all good!
tell dad he is lame because he didn't write me and Danny sorry but i didn't have time to respond and i will next week!!
love you all!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Why Hello There!

outside the chapel in azua, when i was special transferred. you becha that says jazz!!

So, this week. aye aye aye. crazy. so, nothing too crazy till Thursday, it started to become pretty wet and rainy, but alas we went and worked in the rain and had some good lessons. we taught a bazillion lessons this week but none of them were with a member, because the members weren't fans of going out in the rain and mud. man, moscu is like one big muddy river and lake in the rain! aye. so, right now, we are teaching 3 different families, and of course, not a single one of them is married. only one of them wants to be, her name is Yomadis. ok, none of them want to get married but Yomadis is kinda ok with the idea, and her husband has no problem with it. the other 2 don't want to be married and neither do their husbands. aye. the other 2 are Marsili and her 3 kids, and Juana and her 2 kids. but, juana we probably will drop soon. she is not so much interested in the restored gospel as she is letting anyone come into her house and talk about god and all the revelations she we will see how that goes. she is just happy to talk about religion,  what ever religion it is.

outside our house! that's field of sorts. loooots o´agua!
elder, what a good lookin kid! haha

Marsili and Yomadis are both progressing really well and fast, except the marriage thing. we have a noche de hogar tonight with them, and are going to show the movie "together forever" and see if they lighten up to the idea. and make some good food (best part of this country. man, food. its SOOO simple, but man I'm loving it. even if i only eat one time a day, at least I'm nice and skinny now!). they have warmed a little to the idea of marriage, but who knows. if nothing else, one of the daughters of Marsili is really interested, so we will probably put a fecha with her real soon!


dragonfly in moscu

Yesterday, man. i was not a happy camper! after church, at noon, we had a meeting with the bishop and other leaders in our ward. so, some background. we don't take an hour for dinner in this mish. we take 2 for lunch, and we are working the rest of the day. we do that because at lunch time everything shuts down, called "siesta" or something, meaning everyone sleeps and does nothing, so its super hard to work then. so that's from 12-2. our time. and also, Sunday we have to get our numbers together, get all the numbers from our district because my comp is district leader, call the zone leaders and give them the numbers, and it takes forever. so anywho, this meeting with the bishop started at 12 and was over at 1. meaning, we got home at 130 since its a 30 min walk to our house from the ward. we have to leave at 2. haven't eaten (why yes, it WAS a fast Sunday....happy happy Brady), haven't gotten the numbers, or anything. and to make it better, the meeting was worthless for us. it was all about keys to the church (we don't HAVE keys to the church!), and cleaning the building. and the bishop said "ok, and one tiny more thing" 12 times in the last 30 min of it. man. i was mad. and the zone leaders (they are in our ward too) were really mad, they kept getting calls for the numbers and the bishop wouldn't let us leave. which was lame because the meeting had absolutely nothing to do with us! man.

on the drive to azua
So Spanish still is awful. I'm getting waaay more confident in talking, but worse at conjugating verbs correctly, and using the correct demonstratives and all sorts of stuff. still cant understand squat. but, poco a poco it will come! 
again on the drive to azua
As i told mom, the hurricane here was super disappointing. for 10 min lots of rain and wind and noooo sunshine. then blue skies. then darkness. one day we couldn't leave the house on orders of the pres, but no big deal. we left anyway hahah because my comp is district leader over all the hermanas and we had to do a baptismal interview for the next day. it was super. 
in moscu again
Everything i have is wet. my shoulder bag i inherited from elder carter is MOLDING. ya. some of my ties are molding. with the hurricane its been sooooo miserably humid. my sheets are so wet i stick to them at night. i cant get anything to dry!! lame. 
ok, well that's all for now! bye!
Elder MacArthur

My mr potato head, lit up by the eerie candle light since we NEVER have light anymore...

Monday, November 1, 2010


Aye aye aye, this week was so unbelievably long! OK, so again nothing really new or spectacular happened! its been really hard the last few days, not being able to ever speak English and trying to work and communicate with my companion. he is a great missionary, but the language barrier is hard. one day ill know this language! i just hope its before i come home hahahaha. so first things first,

ya, me and elder Bagley are super hot.

OK, so we went to Haina on Saturday! to clean the beach or harbor....look it up online, haina at one point was the 3rd most polluted city in the world, and is still in the top 10 i think (haina is only like 20 min from me haha) its sooooooo dirty, as you will see in the fotos! this was for a big worldwide service project, it was cool!

So, the only exciting thing here was we had another baptism! numba 5 for me! his name is Fousto, he is 12, the little bro of one of the members. we have been working with him for a very long time, the bishop wanted to wait to baptize him, which was lame. he wanted to wait because he had 2 bros that are inactive and didn't want him to go inactive. but he has been going to church for like 6 months, his sister is super strong, his mom is not a member because her spouse doesn't want to get married (NO ONE IS MARRIED!!" AHHH but everyone has an "esposo" or "esposa" but she still goes to church and all the activities, and he has 2 other brothers on the mission, so we finally got it done!" and then we started working in a new area, villa progreso, but its super far, so were going to drop it for now. there is no transportation there, so, were going to go back and finish moscu. we have a few more new good investigators that are progressing! so that's good! finally, we have had the same ones for ever! but ya, that's about it.

the fam of fousto

me fousto and elder natera

2nd, me and elder christiansen are really cool!!

So, Halloween, i was stuck in the house of a crazy evangelical dude because it was flooding outside pretty much, ranting about the bible being the only word of god and how its perfect and we dont need more, and us trying to explain the book of Mormon to him, and how there were people in the Americas that needed the word of god was super duper fun!
any who, that's my week!

also, i see there is a pretty good looking hurricane coming my way! super!
also, check out "el doctorado" by tony dize. awesome
also, Christmas, i wasn't pictures and mtn dew. thanks much

elder bubby!!

the rest are in haina