Monday, November 1, 2010


Aye aye aye, this week was so unbelievably long! OK, so again nothing really new or spectacular happened! its been really hard the last few days, not being able to ever speak English and trying to work and communicate with my companion. he is a great missionary, but the language barrier is hard. one day ill know this language! i just hope its before i come home hahahaha. so first things first,

ya, me and elder Bagley are super hot.

OK, so we went to Haina on Saturday! to clean the beach or harbor....look it up online, haina at one point was the 3rd most polluted city in the world, and is still in the top 10 i think (haina is only like 20 min from me haha) its sooooooo dirty, as you will see in the fotos! this was for a big worldwide service project, it was cool!

So, the only exciting thing here was we had another baptism! numba 5 for me! his name is Fousto, he is 12, the little bro of one of the members. we have been working with him for a very long time, the bishop wanted to wait to baptize him, which was lame. he wanted to wait because he had 2 bros that are inactive and didn't want him to go inactive. but he has been going to church for like 6 months, his sister is super strong, his mom is not a member because her spouse doesn't want to get married (NO ONE IS MARRIED!!" AHHH but everyone has an "esposo" or "esposa" but she still goes to church and all the activities, and he has 2 other brothers on the mission, so we finally got it done!" and then we started working in a new area, villa progreso, but its super far, so were going to drop it for now. there is no transportation there, so, were going to go back and finish moscu. we have a few more new good investigators that are progressing! so that's good! finally, we have had the same ones for ever! but ya, that's about it.

the fam of fousto

me fousto and elder natera

2nd, me and elder christiansen are really cool!!

So, Halloween, i was stuck in the house of a crazy evangelical dude because it was flooding outside pretty much, ranting about the bible being the only word of god and how its perfect and we dont need more, and us trying to explain the book of Mormon to him, and how there were people in the Americas that needed the word of god was super duper fun!
any who, that's my week!

also, i see there is a pretty good looking hurricane coming my way! super!
also, check out "el doctorado" by tony dize. awesome
also, Christmas, i wasn't pictures and mtn dew. thanks much

elder bubby!!

the rest are in haina

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