Monday, November 29, 2010

hello hello!

1st y 2nd, the President Almonte´s iguana!

my current zone
So, hi! how are y'all? seems like the hoods is the only one here that had a good week! if you don't know, she is officially engaged. lame i know, i haven't even met the dude. so that's cool. so, no real fun stories again this week, was super average. really jealous about the snow! i know that i say this every week, but it was a bit hotter than usual. and 2 nights ago, all the dogs in san cristobal (there is a SERIOUS stray dog problem here. sooooooooooo many dogs!) decided to have a party in our street at 2 am. and every one was barking. i was going to go down and kick them all.  man alive. soo loud.

this pic is SOOO dominican. 4 ppl on a moto, a horse cart picking up garbage. awesome.

me and elder bird. i realllly wanna be his comp later on!!

my thanksgiving, 2 tomato and cheese sandwiches and OJ. and cheese here is super pricey and rubbery with no taste, FYI,,,
 Thanksgiving i was starving all day, like my body knew what i should have been doing that day!! ill send you a pic of what my "thanksgiving" meal was.... haha.
so, my email are really boring. I'm sorry. lets do this, if you email me ill respond to you and answer all the questions you have, and then send out a big one to the fam and everyone giving a overview of my week eh? transfers are next week and i should be leaving, so ill have more to say and i should have more Internet time (my comp is super psycho about Internet time aye aye aye) so ya. well do that. ill send pics now since i haven't sent any for awhile!"
I'm gonna hit 6 months on Thursday! crazy huh?
1 y 2, eating PACO FISH and dumplings at a members! love it.

spider! this is less than 5 min after we smashed it. those ants work fast!!

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