Monday, December 6, 2010

hello world!

burning a tie for 6 months!!
Ok, so i feel really bad, so i made a list of things to write about this week, but its now a new transfer, so i have a new agenda, my other, with the list, is a 30 min walk to the house away, so, another time ill give you some details. anywho, so transfers are tomorrow and low and behold I'm spending a forth of my mission in my first area. booooo.  this area, well, about 99 outta 100 are evangelical and they are the only people in this country that will NOT listen, and the members here are cool, but are worthless for the missionaries. wont give references, wont leave with us or anything. and the ward mission leader doesn't do anything and makes us come to like 2 hour meetings that just waste our time. 

my study room! its kinda chrismasy!
 I really wanna leave. so bad. i wont lie, I'm running out of animo here, in this area. just working so hard and nothing coming of it. mostly the fact that the ward is not super stoked with us because people are going inactive and we haven't had many baptisms, but they wont do ANYTHING about it. they think we have to do everything, when in reality the members are 65466 times more important than the missionaries. aye. not cool. anywho, that's my little vent for now.

ya, the cutest little girl ever, second to lily of course!
 Oh, also, yesterday i had a full on break down, i told April and heather, but man. after knowing I'm staying here, and it being Christmas time without the fam and such, i kinda lost it last nigh. i didn't sleep at all, just crying all night. it wasn't super cool. Christmas is hard. aye. 

ts kinda dark, but yes, yes that is a chicken. in a tree. its actually a really common sight around here!

 But, other than that, and the fact that my Spanish is still quite worthless, I'm doing good. haha, man. this place is so weird. and its so hot. we have no investigators really, no one is progressing, cant get anyone to go to church, and the bishop wont let us baptize the 2 kids we have that are way beyond ready because there are alot of inactive kids in our area. he wants them the be baptized, but to wait until he talks to their family. he has been saying that he will "talk to them this week" for almost 2.5 months now. its ridiculous. so ya, our ward just doesn't like missionaries i guess, i dunno.
but, that's about all i have for now! talk to you later!

burning a tie for 6 months!!

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