Monday, December 27, 2010


How are you all?? its been so long since we have talked!! haha, any who, it was super awesome to talk to you all this on Christmas! sadly no talking to Raquel, and no email...BUT, baby steps, baby steps. she has an excuse, since her baby is at home!! soo cute. man. i cant wait to meet him! he will be HUGE when i finally get to see him!!  well i talked on Christmas so this will be a super short email, ill go ahead and send some pics now. but just say that Sunday was crazy. super quiet in the morning. SUPER quiet (except the usual dogs barking and insects.) but everyone drank themselves half to death and so no one was out on Sunday! it was strange. and then today we went to one of the many houses of the infamous Trujillo, and it was crazy. just a huge gutted building. ill send pics now...
love you guys!! talk to you in 2011!! (which, by the way is my black year! the year i go without seeing the fam! crazy!)
'Elder MacArthur!!

our investigator, victor. we ate dinner on Christmas eve with him!

Christmas morning presents!

uh, a little worried about the watch getting stolen?? hahaha

where trujillo kept some cars

house! its huge

back of house

pretty sure this was his room, its super beat up and worn down, but still beautiful.

up down panorama of his room

sitting in some crazy huge office room or something, with manuel and mijaris, both baptisms of mine

on the top of the house

looking at the country on the roof

panorama of the DR

me in back of the house

I'm cool. trail leading away from the house

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