Monday, July 25, 2011


Family! this week was not super special, as far as i can remember...haha. nothing really that exciting has happened. basically, me and my comp have just been contacting, teaching one lesson and then dropping them because they have NO interest. its super lame. but, i know that if we keep working then we will find someone who is ready to listen. in fact, we found an inactive family, and they have a 9 year old girl who is not baptized, and they have interest in going back to church so they can get their girl baptized. so that is way amazing. also, we found a family. 2 little kids that live with their aunt and grandma. their parents are members, but live in the capital. its kinda a weird situation. the dad abandoned the kids or something, but the little girl, she is 14, has a ton of interest. she has read the primary book of Mormon stories book 3 times. she loves it. so hopefully we can work with them and get that family animated about the Gospel. i just really hope we can help this area, its really close to being closed. only about 10% of members attend. we have a family home evening tonight with an inactive member we see alot at an English class he teaches, and hopefully we can get him to be a worthy priesthood holder again. so basically here, maybe my purpose here is to help rescue those that have fallen away. but, we will keep on working hard! i love you guys!
.Elder MAcArthur

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hi world!

 Hey kids! OK, so this week was a good one but strange. so, as i said last week, i am now district leader, and its cool but just really monotonous. all i do is take numbers and stuff, but hey, someone has to do it right? haha. so Wednesday we had interviews with the new pres. so, with Pres Almonte, the interviews were about 4 hours total for the zone. it was 6 with the new pres, but he had to get to know us all and talk about alot of things in the interviews. he is an amazing guy, I'm really stoked to have him as our new mission pres. but it was cool, and the interviews where in San Juan, meaning after the interviews we still had like an hour drive back to our area. we didn't get to work that day until like 6 pm haha. it was crazy. and then Thursday Friday and Saturday we have had some gnarly rain in the afternoon. so needless to say our numbers were a little low this week. but no worries, we still got alot done.

We have a little family that we are working with, but aren't suuuper interested. they like sharing, but aren't super sure about baptism yet. but i think that they will feel better when they go to the church. they haven't been able to come for the last 3 weeks but this week they have assured me that they are going to go. we shall see. but other then them we are still in a dry spell when in comes to people to teach. but, cant give up hope! we have been working alot with in actives, or trying to, and we got a guy to come to to church again finally after like 15 years of inactivity. his son came too. it was amazing, i really hope that he keeps on coming and becomes a worthy priesthood holder again. but ya, that's about how things are going here in Las Matas. but I'll send some pics, attached here are 3 of a crazy lagoon about 40 min from the house, with a couple of the members. its waaay out in the middle of nowhere, next to some American medonnites, who sell AMAZING yogurt, milk, and cheese. mmmmm....
'Elder MacArthur

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mr. DL

So it was wonderful to hear from you guys! thanks much!!

So this week was pretty standard. we really have nothing right now. really. its super depressing. but my house is amazing. not the actual house, but the people. elder Clyde is so fun, he is from my group. we were in the same room in the mtc. and his kid is really cool and funny too. so that's saving my life right now. so ya, that's cool. the only real news i have is that i am District Leader! so that's kinda cool, kinda lame though. all i do is all the stuff no one else wants to do, just gather numbers and such. but, meh, I'm stoked none the less. I'm DL over my house and 2 other elders in Elias PiƱa.

This week, we have interviews with the new president, so i am really excited for that. it should be really good, I'm excited to talk to him and get to know him .
So, in response to your emails, man, i am SO jealous you guys took a ride on the cruiser!! i LOVE that boat so much. i wanna go on it again more than anything. that would be amazing.

I feel bad for having another lame letter, but last week really wasn't very spectacular. and i left my agenda at the house and so i don't have my list of things to tell, my bad. but i love you all! have a good week! ill write a better letter next week, ill be at a better Internet center and at have more time to write. so, love you!

burgers! sooo glad elder clyde can cook!

dew and diddy p!! all of this...500 Pesos! aye! meaning, about a doller and 19 cents each one. wow.

4th of July! we only have like 3 Dominicans in our zone, so we hung out and had an American party for pday haha.note my happy birthday America tie!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

Well, this week would have been better if i would have gotten a letter from the parents or anyone else. Heather, thanks! i love you! but, this week was very weird. we didn't work for 3 days haha. well, we did, just differently. Tuesday and Wednesday we had to go and help the assistants of the south clean and paint a house in our zone, the area got shut down and so we had to help them clean it out and put all the stuff from that house and store it in our house (which is already really small) and then paint it. that took 2 days, then Thursday we had a conference with the new president and it was way good, he is a great guy. super spiritual. I'm stoked. and transfer are tomorrow and I'm staying here with my same comp, and I'm getting another guy from my group in the house, elder Clyde, and he is training. and 2 guys from my group went zone leader. so that's kinda cool i guess. but right now, we have nothing. we don't really have investigators, don't have much at all. this area blows. bah, but oh well. gotta keep working eh? but that's really all i have to say. but, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!! i miss you! haha. and also, that package that you supposedly sent after mothers day? ya...not here. so, ya. that's kinda lame. need that. and i cant respond to anything that happened to you all, cuz i dunno. sad panda. i like hearing from family...
but, love you all, and have a good week!