Monday, July 11, 2011

Mr. DL

So it was wonderful to hear from you guys! thanks much!!

So this week was pretty standard. we really have nothing right now. really. its super depressing. but my house is amazing. not the actual house, but the people. elder Clyde is so fun, he is from my group. we were in the same room in the mtc. and his kid is really cool and funny too. so that's saving my life right now. so ya, that's cool. the only real news i have is that i am District Leader! so that's kinda cool, kinda lame though. all i do is all the stuff no one else wants to do, just gather numbers and such. but, meh, I'm stoked none the less. I'm DL over my house and 2 other elders in Elias PiƱa.

This week, we have interviews with the new president, so i am really excited for that. it should be really good, I'm excited to talk to him and get to know him .
So, in response to your emails, man, i am SO jealous you guys took a ride on the cruiser!! i LOVE that boat so much. i wanna go on it again more than anything. that would be amazing.

I feel bad for having another lame letter, but last week really wasn't very spectacular. and i left my agenda at the house and so i don't have my list of things to tell, my bad. but i love you all! have a good week! ill write a better letter next week, ill be at a better Internet center and at have more time to write. so, love you!

burgers! sooo glad elder clyde can cook!

dew and diddy p!! all of this...500 Pesos! aye! meaning, about a doller and 19 cents each one. wow.

4th of July! we only have like 3 Dominicans in our zone, so we hung out and had an American party for pday haha.note my happy birthday America tie!

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