Monday, July 25, 2011


Family! this week was not super special, as far as i can remember...haha. nothing really that exciting has happened. basically, me and my comp have just been contacting, teaching one lesson and then dropping them because they have NO interest. its super lame. but, i know that if we keep working then we will find someone who is ready to listen. in fact, we found an inactive family, and they have a 9 year old girl who is not baptized, and they have interest in going back to church so they can get their girl baptized. so that is way amazing. also, we found a family. 2 little kids that live with their aunt and grandma. their parents are members, but live in the capital. its kinda a weird situation. the dad abandoned the kids or something, but the little girl, she is 14, has a ton of interest. she has read the primary book of Mormon stories book 3 times. she loves it. so hopefully we can work with them and get that family animated about the Gospel. i just really hope we can help this area, its really close to being closed. only about 10% of members attend. we have a family home evening tonight with an inactive member we see alot at an English class he teaches, and hopefully we can get him to be a worthy priesthood holder again. so basically here, maybe my purpose here is to help rescue those that have fallen away. but, we will keep on working hard! i love you guys!
.Elder MAcArthur

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