Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

Well, this week would have been better if i would have gotten a letter from the parents or anyone else. Heather, thanks! i love you! but, this week was very weird. we didn't work for 3 days haha. well, we did, just differently. Tuesday and Wednesday we had to go and help the assistants of the south clean and paint a house in our zone, the area got shut down and so we had to help them clean it out and put all the stuff from that house and store it in our house (which is already really small) and then paint it. that took 2 days, then Thursday we had a conference with the new president and it was way good, he is a great guy. super spiritual. I'm stoked. and transfer are tomorrow and I'm staying here with my same comp, and I'm getting another guy from my group in the house, elder Clyde, and he is training. and 2 guys from my group went zone leader. so that's kinda cool i guess. but right now, we have nothing. we don't really have investigators, don't have much at all. this area blows. bah, but oh well. gotta keep working eh? but that's really all i have to say. but, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!! i miss you! haha. and also, that package that you supposedly sent after mothers day? ya...not here. so, ya. that's kinda lame. need that. and i cant respond to anything that happened to you all, cuz i dunno. sad panda. i like hearing from family...
but, love you all, and have a good week!

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