Monday, June 27, 2011


Family! OK, so story! this week, we had a baptism! finally! i wont yet have to break my goal of having a baptism every transfer! it was a very sad one Friday we were supposed to have his interview, and he couldn't come. so Saturday we had his interview, the same day. he passed with flying colors, and then about 2 hours before the baptism, find out the branch pres is in azua (like, 3 or 4 hours away) and then it starts to rain. and i mean RAIN. a torrential downpour, probably the gnarliest i have seen yet here. so we are all freaking out thinking the baptism is going to fall. me and my comp get to the chapel, and alas, he is across the street waiting out the rain! he is amazing, really. he will be an amazing help to that little branch. but the baptism was...well, sad to say the least. it was just me, my companion, and the other 2 missionaries in our house. and that's it. that's who came. sigh. it was super sad, but with the rain and all he understood, Dominicans hate the rain! alot. so, it was all good, and now he is so much happier! after his confirmation on Sunday, he walked back to his seat with a huge smile. I'm sooo happy. but I'm gonna have to cut this one really short, sorry! i have little time and this Internet center is no good. but i have a bunch of things to tell you, but i have a list for next week. haha. but the other 2 missionaries in our house are getting special transferred tomorrow because of some other peoples dumb actions, so we gotta go and get that all figured out. but i promise a better letter next week! love you all!

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