Monday, June 20, 2011

It makes alot of heat!

So this week, nothing all that special happened. again. haha. man, i really need to try harder to get some good stories, eh? well, this week we should have a baptism and it will be great! his name is Jose Luis, and he is incredible. I'm so stoked. and so is he! so some news, we get our new mish pres this weekend i believe. no one is really sure yet, but that's what we have heard. we have a conference in azua this Thursday with Pres Almonte, and I'm guessing its a goodbye think. it will be so crazy to get a new pres!

So its been hot recently, like, REALLLY hot. man. i forgot that it was hotter during the summer. man alive its soo hot. and humid because we keep getting little 5 min rainstorms  and then loooots of sunshine. el diache its hot! so this is a really lame letter this week, but honestly this was a very very uneventful week. the biggest thing that happened i think is i got a letter! the first one I've gotten in like 5 months haha. make sure to tell the Britons and the Taylor's thanks for their postcards and letters. well, ill send some pics and try and be more interesting this next week. my bad.
love you! bye!

And now for some pictures of the different animal life in the DR:  Frogs, bees, spiders and caterpillars! 

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