Monday, February 28, 2011


Man alive this week, wow. kinda the longest week in the world. so the first think , we have officially not had light in the house for almost 2 weeks now. at all. something went wrong and even when the city has light, we don't. we are trying to fix it its just taking a lot of time. so i lost a lot of money of food in the fridge, and i cant iron and we have to do wash by hand-SO MUCH FUN! but we have been having water more often so occasionally i can take non bucket showers. and today has really been lame. the last p day of transfer pres has a really lame rule that we have to stay in the house and clean, but wow, until 4 o'clock? not cool. so we got here super late, and now we have to leave because they are bring my companions bags here and such, i dunno, I'm reallllly mad though. so we are only getting about 40 min to use the Internet right now. so sad to say i have everything ready to send pics but i cant, i don't have any time to send them. but fun side story. Saturday we teach english class in the morning, so elder horton had me say the opening prayer, in English. it was by far the most difficult thing i have ever done in my entire life. it was sooo hard. i was speaking some mad spangish. it was hilarious, everyone was laughing. but i have to go now, the office elders are mad at me now. bye-
elder MacArthur
PS, I'm staying in this area with a new comp, elder eaton, an American and he was already in this zone haha-

Monday, February 21, 2011


OK kids. this week, lots of pretty epic things happened to tell you the truth. woot! OK
so, first off, on Friday, we had interviews with the pres! and they went super well, finally i understood everything that he was saying to me haha. it was amazing. he was stoked to hear all about the fam and every thing. I'm really gonna miss president almonte when he peaces out. for sure. then, on Saturday, we left the house at 6 am to, du du da!! go to the EAST mission to go and see Elder Nelson of the 12 apostles!! it was amazing. we got to meet him and shake his hand and listen to him and a few other general authorities. it was only the people in the capital area of the west and east mission. so i got to see a few people from my group that went to the east mission and guess what?? i saw Elder Campbell! pres Campbell's son! he is in the east mission, and it pretty much blew his mind that i was there, haha. he was like "man, i did not know that anyone from my stake was on this little island!! so that was awesome to see him. it was crazy. he almost is at 20 months! crazy man.

After that, we did some tiguraje and went to a McDonald's close buy, and man alive it made me SOOO trunky it was so freaking amazing. it was also like 12 dollars! man alive, fast food here is more expensive here then there. its soooo weird to go to a McDonald's and see all the super rich people eating there, that threw me off a bit! and then, 2 very American people walked in, a new couple, one wearing a byu shirt (EW) and he is a rm from the Santiago (north) mission and he was there visiting with his new wife! it was cool to talk with them for a bit. they live in PG.

One more thing, yesterday we left with a member named yonathan and he was bugging me about harry potter and how it ends, he only knows the movies because the books are waaay pricy for people here. so i just told him that harry potter dies, and he believed me. so i started making up all sorts of stuff, and he finally accepted it. then, he wanted to know who killed him. so i whispered in his ear "ginny weasly" and he stopped, jaw dropped, and was starting into the oblivion for a few min. it was hilarious. so now he and my comp think that ginny kills harry in the last book hahahahaha. good times.

so no other stories but that. we could have 4 baptisms this week, but unless things change I'm gonna postpone them, they aren't ready. its the right thing to do, but my comp is gonna be furious...oh well, cant rush something as important as baptism, ya know? especially if i want them to stay active. more on that next week though, we will see how it goes.
well, i forgot my cable again, so ill see if i can find a way to send pics, sorry! i have a bunch of good ones too!!!
well, until next week guys! love you!
'Elder MacArthur

Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Valentines Day!!!

Hello world! so to start out, i can honestly say that i think that this has been one of the hardest weeks of the mission so far. first off, my and my comp aren't really getting along. so much as a matter of fact, that on Wednesday we had to have a special intercambio with the zone leaders. super. i really like the zl i was with, but we did it so that he could talk to me about forgiving my comp and loving him, while the other was talking to my comp about responsibility, humility, and "don't hate the Americans". he is just super stubborn and doesn't do anything around the house, the other 2 guys in the house are not real pleased with him either, and its just getting worse. we have one washer between 4 people, little water, and only have light for like 2 hours a day to do wash. it takes him a week to do one load cuz he never wants to actually take his clothes out. and so we did it for him. and now he expects us to do it for him. I'm loosing the little bit of patience and tolerance that i have. but, we will see.
But on a lighter note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!! and happy valentines day!! i love you guys!! that's the most amount of love that i cant have here in the mish hahaha. but anywho, this area is sooo much better. have i told you that yet?? i think so...haha. but really, i really like it alot, aun que we have to walk a million miles to our area. anywho, so I'm gonna cut this short and see if i can get this ol´rock to send some photos...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Si tu no estas aqui..

beware of the swapi.

I love the mish kids. i really do.

But boy oh boy, i am soooo exhausted. man alive. it has been a long week! no no no stopping at all this week. but, yay! we had 2 baptisms on Saturday, Barbina, an older lady, and her grandson Oscar. it was great. scary too, the day before her baptism she was starting to get cold feet and all the sudden had all sorts of crazy doubts, but alas, we pulled out some lovely scriptures and all was well! but oh boy, i have some stories. nothing too exciting, but man, my comp is psycho. i love him and all, but wow. he is sooo needy. its unreal. and super hypocritical. he yells at us if we don't immediately wash our dishes, but when he uses one, he just hides it in his room so that no one knows cuz he wont clean his. i have not one time, honestly, in 4 weeks seen him wash a dish. ahhhhhh. i dunno we get along fine outside the house, but inside, aye aye aye. and he will not make any decisions and will NOT start a lesson to save his life. but, such is the mission.

my family pic! me, jones, and liefson? my brother.

jesus and his fam, and us. he is awesome!

baptism of Barbina and Oscar. i baptized Oscar, my comp baptized barbina.

man, so nice. put in carpet, and its nicer than most in the states!!

So fun things that have happened this week. i saw a guy start a fire with a Styrofoam cup. i understood a conversation about cleaning your ears and how using pigeon feathers that you find on the street to clean them is the improper way. there are 3 things a missionary always has, hambre, sueƱo, folletos. (hunger, tired, pamphlets). also, wanna know how you know that Spanish is a simple language? a lot of kids can talk at like 9 months. aye.

Elder MacArthur

jesus makin some chivo!! (goat)

me and evans eating some birthday cake! ya!


chinola!! its illegal in the states. im so sorry, its phenominal!

swapi? dog? who knows....

my mr., potato head has a lightsaber. dont even worry about it.