Monday, February 28, 2011


Man alive this week, wow. kinda the longest week in the world. so the first think , we have officially not had light in the house for almost 2 weeks now. at all. something went wrong and even when the city has light, we don't. we are trying to fix it its just taking a lot of time. so i lost a lot of money of food in the fridge, and i cant iron and we have to do wash by hand-SO MUCH FUN! but we have been having water more often so occasionally i can take non bucket showers. and today has really been lame. the last p day of transfer pres has a really lame rule that we have to stay in the house and clean, but wow, until 4 o'clock? not cool. so we got here super late, and now we have to leave because they are bring my companions bags here and such, i dunno, I'm reallllly mad though. so we are only getting about 40 min to use the Internet right now. so sad to say i have everything ready to send pics but i cant, i don't have any time to send them. but fun side story. Saturday we teach english class in the morning, so elder horton had me say the opening prayer, in English. it was by far the most difficult thing i have ever done in my entire life. it was sooo hard. i was speaking some mad spangish. it was hilarious, everyone was laughing. but i have to go now, the office elders are mad at me now. bye-
elder MacArthur
PS, I'm staying in this area with a new comp, elder eaton, an American and he was already in this zone haha-

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