Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Valentines Day!!!

Hello world! so to start out, i can honestly say that i think that this has been one of the hardest weeks of the mission so far. first off, my and my comp aren't really getting along. so much as a matter of fact, that on Wednesday we had to have a special intercambio with the zone leaders. super. i really like the zl i was with, but we did it so that he could talk to me about forgiving my comp and loving him, while the other was talking to my comp about responsibility, humility, and "don't hate the Americans". he is just super stubborn and doesn't do anything around the house, the other 2 guys in the house are not real pleased with him either, and its just getting worse. we have one washer between 4 people, little water, and only have light for like 2 hours a day to do wash. it takes him a week to do one load cuz he never wants to actually take his clothes out. and so we did it for him. and now he expects us to do it for him. I'm loosing the little bit of patience and tolerance that i have. but, we will see.
But on a lighter note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!! and happy valentines day!! i love you guys!! that's the most amount of love that i cant have here in the mish hahaha. but anywho, this area is sooo much better. have i told you that yet?? i think so...haha. but really, i really like it alot, aun que we have to walk a million miles to our area. anywho, so I'm gonna cut this short and see if i can get this ol´rock to send some photos...

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