Monday, February 7, 2011

Si tu no estas aqui..

beware of the swapi.

I love the mish kids. i really do.

But boy oh boy, i am soooo exhausted. man alive. it has been a long week! no no no stopping at all this week. but, yay! we had 2 baptisms on Saturday, Barbina, an older lady, and her grandson Oscar. it was great. scary too, the day before her baptism she was starting to get cold feet and all the sudden had all sorts of crazy doubts, but alas, we pulled out some lovely scriptures and all was well! but oh boy, i have some stories. nothing too exciting, but man, my comp is psycho. i love him and all, but wow. he is sooo needy. its unreal. and super hypocritical. he yells at us if we don't immediately wash our dishes, but when he uses one, he just hides it in his room so that no one knows cuz he wont clean his. i have not one time, honestly, in 4 weeks seen him wash a dish. ahhhhhh. i dunno we get along fine outside the house, but inside, aye aye aye. and he will not make any decisions and will NOT start a lesson to save his life. but, such is the mission.

my family pic! me, jones, and liefson? my brother.

jesus and his fam, and us. he is awesome!

baptism of Barbina and Oscar. i baptized Oscar, my comp baptized barbina.

man, so nice. put in carpet, and its nicer than most in the states!!

So fun things that have happened this week. i saw a guy start a fire with a Styrofoam cup. i understood a conversation about cleaning your ears and how using pigeon feathers that you find on the street to clean them is the improper way. there are 3 things a missionary always has, hambre, sueƱo, folletos. (hunger, tired, pamphlets). also, wanna know how you know that Spanish is a simple language? a lot of kids can talk at like 9 months. aye.

Elder MacArthur

jesus makin some chivo!! (goat)

me and evans eating some birthday cake! ya!


chinola!! its illegal in the states. im so sorry, its phenominal!

swapi? dog? who knows....

my mr., potato head has a lightsaber. dont even worry about it.

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