Monday, January 31, 2011

Pavo Real

Well kids, what a week this has been! wow oh wow its been a slow one! but the story of the week, we baptized Jesus!! finally! haha, this guy is awesome. his entire family are members, and his daughter just got back from the mission. at first (like, 4 transfers ago) he wanted nothing to do with the church, and he didn't want to listen, and little by little he started to accept it and now he has a super strong testimony. it was a great baptism. then next week we should have a baptism of a lady named barbina, and her grandson. so we will see how that will go through. 
I really love this area. so much. my comp is psycho and well, he is reallllly moody and has to have things his way all the time, and keeps trying to blame me when he sleeps in....lame. i dunno, but he will leave next transfer. haha. we get along and teach pretty good together, but he just is kinda prideful, but no worries! but the other two guys in my house are awesome, elder Horton who was in my other zone with me for 2 transfers, and then his kid elder Evans, who is amazing as well. just some serious good times here man! and i have been fed or given food almost every single day here! and, guess what? I'm 21 now!! i didn't even remember it was my birthday until like noon on the 25th hahaha. we made a cake and it was super good, and it was pretty much guess work since we don't have real ovens, just pretend ones haha. but other than that it was just another day, nothing really special at all. then like 3 days later elder Horton hit one year in the mish! so we burned some stuff and stayed up way to late talking. good times. 
I have some bad news, i forgot my camera cable and we are about an 30 min drive from the, i will have to sent like 654654 pictures next week haha, i have some good ones too hahah I'm  really mad that i forgot it! aye aye aye. 
-Elder MacArthur
note to the title. pavo, in Spanish, means turkey. pavo real, is a peacock. so in Spanish, a peacock is just a "real turkey"....i didn't know other turkeys were fake...haha.

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