Monday, January 10, 2011

Man it is hot, milk was a bad choice!

Hey kids! how fares life? i hope it is just dandy for all y'all! so, my stories for the week. in all honesty, this was probably the least productive week of my entire mission. we worked hard, but nothing happened. no one came to church, well, we had one girl at church. but all our real good progressing investigators couldn't. and then, we found out, that the 2 different couples that we are teaching, we thought that they were both married, (which is weird, because NO ONE IS MARRIED. honestly. no one) and of course, they are not. so, that's a bummer. one couple we should get married in a few weeks, the other couple, they wont talk about it but for some reason they cant or wont get married for like another year, but we are gonna try and help them. they both are pretty stoked about the church, and want to be baptized, but they have to be married first. so we will see how that goes. but, i dunno if i will know for a long time, i will be peacing out of here next week! por fin!

Sunday we get the transfer call, and Tuesday is the actual transfer. man, i do like this area, but only because I'm now really good Friends with a bunch of the members, but man. i need a new area. almost 6 months in my first area is way too long! haha. but, we are finally starting to find good investigators here, so its sad that i will leave once things finally start to pick up! but hey, life goes on eh?

So, the last 4 days have been super hot. not just me being a sissy hot, but even the Dominicans and my companion are whining, its been super hot and SUPER humid, like humid enough that some of my ties are starting to mold...boooo. not a fan of that haha. but i don't really have anymore stories...hum. i will finish this email off with a joke.

whats brown and sticky??

a stick!!!
note--when translated into Spanish, this is not a good joke. makes no sense...

one more, thanks to Danny.
¿cual animal es el mas aborrido?
un pescado!
porque siempre hace la misma cosa, NADA!!! jajajajajaja!

in translation, what animal is the most boring? a fish! why? because it always does the same thing, NOTHING/SWIMS!! (nothing and the conjugated verb for swim are the same, nada. haha. funny.

ok, love you, bye!!

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