Monday, January 17, 2011

Off to Pedro Brand!

so, to start off, i had a nice good list of everything i was going to talk about written down in my agenda. but, alas, that agenda is now packed up and off in our, next week kids. i now have a new agenda for the new transfer haha. which i will be spending, POR FIN, in a new area! finally I'm leaving my first area!! I'm heading off to Pedro Brand, and area in the capital, with another Dominican comp. so that will be good and help with Spanish! his name is elder Mora, and no, i don't know anything about him. no one does. but, rumor has it that i will be his step dad, or to say, i will be his 2nd companion. super. not so ready for that haha. but we will see. rumors are often false. any who, I'm so stoked! supposedly the house is decent with water and light most the time and that its right across from the chapel (finally, as much as i have loved my 30 min walk to the chapel! man) and that there are alot of rats. meaning, I'm going to buy a machete to hunt rats. ive been wanting a machete, now i have an excuse to buy one haha. and also i have heard that that area has a ton of success so that is super good. my area is kinda sad right now, my comp wants to recontact moscu...aye. glad i wont be here!

Other than that this week has not been super exciting. oh, one good story. so we have a really legit family that we are working with, they have a ton of interest. but the only problem is that the dad goes to school on Sunday. but yesterday, we had a special conference via satellite to the Carib area at the stake center. he called, got outta school, and came. and he LOVED it. so that's really awesome. sad that i wont be able to see how they do for a while. but, such is the mission! Well, until next week kids, sorry this is lame, i don't have my old agenda!!
'Elder MacArthur

Also Danny, since you know Spanish. some girl said she died for 23 hours and when and saw heaven and hell, it it was suuuper strange. talking about how you cant repent after this life, and that inferno was full of demonios with lances and stuff. it was WEIRD.
you can watch it on YouTube, its in 5 different parts. this is what i deal with here, everyone is this same religion, Evangelical Pentecostal. aye. search for it, her name is angelica zambrano, muerte 23 horas or something like that.
also for a good laugh, a video they sell here in this country search on YouTube
"los mormones y sus doctrinas falsas" or something similar. its 2 guys with a PowerPoint thing. man its good stuff.

and sorry, no pics today. my camera cables are all packed up. ill send a bunch next week. bye!

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