Monday, January 24, 2011

Haz lo Justo!

aye, ok. first off, lets just say that the Internet center I'm in blows. so this will have alot of typos...
but, lemme say, i LOVE this new area. they members are awesome.  i have been fed or given food everyday of being here! love it. I'm sooo much happier now that I'm in this area. so a few points. i now live in a 4 man house, with elder horton, whom i love, he was in my old zone for a few transfers. and with his kid, elder evans. he surely is a greenie, but he is great.  love them both. my comp is good, and yes, i am indeed senior companion and his step dad.  i like him and we get along, but he is really casual in alot of things , like in the lessons and such.  not a fan of that but ill work with him. the house NEVER has water, so we have to hook a hose up to the church and fill up 2 huge tanks every 2 days and take bucket showers, but in all honesty the bucket shower is actually really nice! haha. there are a BILLION mosquitoes in my house. the stake center is SUPER nice here, its the nicest chapel in all the Caribbean area!  I'm with 2 other guys from my group in this zone, one is already fluent  (really , he is) and the other is a bit better than me. but i love them both. this is going to be a really lame email because this computer is honestly
so  ya. i love you gu ys, never forget my love for all of you. ill write more about my area and stuff next week. and send pics, this computer cant. 
also, random, but i fully gained my testimony of fasting yesterday. we were teaching a good investigator about it. and i started talking about callum, and how the family  had a fast for him. and that after the fast, everyone felt really good and had peace in their hearts, and the second i said that, the spirit hit me hard, and i just started bawling. i knew at that moment, that that fast had a huge impact on callum and how well he did, with they faith of all our family, and i could barely even finish testifying.  really guys, i know i joke alot and like informality  in my life, but i know this gospel is true. i know it with all my heart. always remember it. 
anyways, ill talk to you next week!
Elder MacArthur

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