Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years pictures

So first off, i am officially on day 3 of my BLACK YEAR!! the entire year in the mission that i wont see the family! all of 2011 is my black year. crazy. oh, and i was in 2011 3 hours earlier than most you haha. just saying.  so ya.

Any who, how are things there in the 801? i hear its pretty cold! that's really awesome, im super jealous.
so i have a few short stories. first off, during contacting a few days ago, we contacted into an evangelical lady (of course, hay millions of them) and she YELLED at us. because she was saved, because she was also a missionary and she has had revelations that she was saved and that the evangelicals were true, and that we were wasting our time talking to her, and that there we other people that we should talk to. it was super crazy. it probably doesn't sound too crazy, but she was going off. it was weird. next, in the internet center that i am in, there are like 4 people in the little stall next to me. and they are like leaning on my and kicking my chair, on even tried to push my chair to the side while i was sitting on it so they could all gather around, meaning they were trying to push my out of my own little stall. sooo, ya, not fun. but, oh well, such is life here! haha.

So, new years! nothing really spectacular. we had to be in the house at like 7 on the  31st because people are sooo drunk and crazy that its dangerous for us. so we got in early, made a AMAZING dinner. ill send pics, and then played some go fish, i studied a bit, then went to bed at about 1245. so we live on the 2nd story of our house, and the people below had a HUGE party, had 6 of the huge speakers, like ones from a concert, and were playing crazy bachata music until like 4 am. SUPER loud. it was crazy! man. so didn't really sleep that night! and then Sunday, i was really crabby. we had, once again, a super long meeting with the bishop, about things that have nothing to do with us. about 30 min was about missionaries, which was a good meeting, then the last hour and a half was about the phone at the ward. now, this was during the last 2 hours of church, and we had 2 investigators there for the first time that we have been trying to get to come to church for around 2 months. we couldn't go to the classes with them, cuz the bishop made us stay in the meeting. about the phone. i love our bishop, he is a great guy, but he truly has the gift of tongues, as in he can talk for unreal amounts of time about really simple things. but when its about the phone in the ward, which we aren't even allowed to use, and we have a  mission phone, i dunno why we needed to be there. it was really inconvenient, and because of it i honestly doubt those investigators will come back, they were a little lost and didn't really know what to do. so, well see.  so that's about my week story! love you guys! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Elder MacArthur

I just realized i often talk about just the crappy things that have happened, haha. so i probably sound always crabby and depressed. not so. ill make sure to throw in more happiness next time,haha.
ok love you buhbye


chicken foot?

I'm awesome, just admit it.

cant read the watch, but its at like 12 and 3 seconds, in 2011!

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