Monday, March 7, 2011


 OK, so I'm really sorry about last week. i was suuuper crabby, i had like 30 min to use Internet, it was super lame. but here i am! so this week was pretty standard. my new comp is super strange. super strange. but all is good, my Spanish is going to go down the drain now though! a house with 4 Americans, hahaha. so ya. but we should have a lot of success this transfer, he works SUPER hard and all. we have a ton of good fechas that should go through in the next few weeks for sure. so I'm really stoked about that! so I'm not gonna lie, i really don't have much to say, but that's OK, i don't have much time and i have A LOT of pics to send!!

my new zone! as of last transfer that is.

the family pic! jones is home! home!


hungry lizard

the barrio we are working in now

my comp elder eaton and a member, Lucson

blisters are fun.....

awesome sunset

carnival!! carnival is the 27th of February, its a cool holiday. look it up!

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