Monday, March 21, 2011


This week was 100% unspectacular. yep. but we fired a whole bunch of our old investigators, so that's always fun. but got like 5 references in the last 3 or 4 days, and all look to be pretty golden, and we have a few people that we contacted awhile ago that are finally progressing. so in the next few weeks we should get a few people baptized! we have one lady, named kris, and she is SO amazing. and all her daughters. man, they were all random contacts and all have alot of interest. kris is totally prepared to change her whole life to be baptized. like she thought she was only going to be able to wear dresses for her whole life after her baptism. she is so amazing. she had a testimony of everything even before we talked to her. we had contacted her, and quickly invited her to church but didn't really think anything of it. and she came on her own, and she LOVED it. so much. we are working with a couple of couples but they all need to get married and its not looking like that will happen, but we will see... we are trying! and then all the rest of the people that we are working are little muchachos from part member families. but ya, all is going good here!

I really like working with elder eaton, he is super strange, but i love him haha. so my only real story is we had a really fun lesson with some evangelical people. man. eaton kinda started just calling them out on all their super strange false doctrines. it was fun to watch, because every single time they would say something, either me or eaton would pull out a scripture. if it was from the book of Mormon, they wouldn't listen, so we would pull a different one from the bible. it got to the point that one of them just went into her house and shut the door and the other one just started rambling off about how she has seen visions and that god told her that she was going to be the next pastor of her church and such. what fun. oh, and her church`s name ends with "INC" yep. so that's cool.

Anywho, I'm sorry, I'm really boring. this week was just about as normal as was possible. 
Oh, also. SAM IS HOME! yeppers, i heard little sam thornton came home. so go say hi to him. and tell him to write me. cuz i miss him. alot. 
any who, buhbuy!

i forgot one thing, that was WAY weird. i had to give a talk in sacrament meeting. ok, no big deal, i can kinda speak Spanish now. whats my talk on? food storage.


that is such a random weird topic for a missionary i think, i sure did not know any of the vocab for that, i didnt even know how to say food storage in Spanish. its almacenar alimentos if you were curious. so ya that was really fun. i guess they wanted me to do it because of some recent disasters. like japan? ya. im sooooo cut of from the world. i know they had an earthquake, but that's about it. but anywho, love you guys and talk to you next week. i was on here early this week, and we might do it like this more, so if you write, please try and do it early EARLY Monday or Sunday night. what would be awesome. love you guys!!
-Elder MacArthur

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