Monday, March 14, 2011


This picture is SO Dominican. beautiful sunset, callejons, super poor, and a hillside, with garbage  on fire. 

So this week, we got light back!! finally! we went over 3 weeks without light! me and elder kieley took apart the meter thing, and rewired our house pretty much to get it going again. but hey, we have light now! good times. but things are going good here! its for sure starting to heat up again though, aye aye aye! but the only thing i don't like about this area, is I'm now with an American comp, who i love, but also in a 4 man American house, man alive my Spanish is going down the drain again hahaha. but oh well. and the area we are working in right now is insane. its sooo steep. soo many huge hills, i am so exhausted its not even funny. and its super poor. its been over 2 weeks id say that i have taught a lesson in a house that has a floor. but we have found a few people that should be pretty golden.

me and elder de la cruz, one of our zone leaders on an intercambio

part of my area with some random kids haha

what kids do for fun, play with knifes when naked haha

One lady, Kris, she is amazing. she came to church on her own accord, and prayed and knows its true, all before we even taught her. we had just contacted her. and we got her testigo bible (the Jehovah's witnesses have their own bible, but its not the bible. its the "tranduccion del nuevo mundo de las santas escrituras" or like, the new world translation of the holy scriptures, and its soo apostate. is an awful translation, and they have taken out 16 scriptures. like acts 8 37, is gone. there is just a line where it should be. but, i now have that bible its sad. anywho, so she has a fecha for the 26th, well see how that goes! also, i have to give a talk on food storage this week in sacrament meeting. ya. my first talk in the mission, on the weirdest subject ever. i do not know the vocab to do that yet, haha. boo! well, I'm gonna send pics now. hope you are all enjoying cabo!


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