Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello 801!

Hi! ok so this week we hit a few blocks. we had to drop a few of our good investigators because they just werent progressing very much. that sucks alot. but, we still have some really good people. one of them we found out yesterday that she is still smoking, and her fecha was for this week, so we are going to have to postpone that for a little while. also, one of our other really good fechas, cris, she also was going to get baptized this week but hear this. so she called her boyfriend, who lives in the states, in the Bronx, and told her not to get baptized and to wait. because he is taking the lessons from the misisonaries in new york and he wants to come back, get married and baptized along with her! so that's super cool. but we don't know when he is coming. so if its soon we will wait, if not we will baptize her anyway because she is so ready, she is definitely one of the chosen ones for sure. and then we have another girl named mari, and she is AMAZING. she told us yesterday that when we don't pass by, she feels worse, and the days we do pass by she feels so much better. but, she wasn't able to go to church last Sunday so her fecha has changed to the 16th of April. but, hey, she is sooo golden as well. so we have a lot of good things going on here in pedro brand! minus that we just got switched the the crappy light schedule where we only have light when we are not in the house and that we haven't gotten water for about 7 days....lame.

Anywho, and a different note, conference is this weekend! i am soo stoked to actually be able to understand it this time! yay for finally kinda knowing Spanish! and translators that speak real Spanish! also it will be in our huge air conditioned stake center. so so so stoked for that. well, I'm outta time, see ya later!

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