Monday, April 4, 2011


Hi fam! how is life.  good i hope. so biggest news this week, is YAY, i understood conference in Spanish! and it was in air conditioning! love it. so in the 2nd talk Saturday, the lady, the translator started to cry during translation, it was super crazy. the spirit was super strong for sure. but i really enjoyed it for sure, the talks were way good. haha and we had one investigator on Sunday that was so funny, Minerva, and she kept asking my why there were no black people like her, and every time it showed one of the token black people in the choir she would get all excited and point them out to me. haha oh man.
In other news, huge change in the mission. we used to have a rule that a person had to have gone to church 2 times in a row to be baptized, now, it ust got changed to 4 times. consecutive. it is sooo lame. we have to change every fecha we have now. lame. 
In other news again, i hit 10 months in the mish Saturday!! finally in the double digits! just double it and then i only have 4 months left...hahaha. wow once again i am lame and don't have much to say. oh, only like 35 days or so till mothers day! so get ready to talk to me again! yay!!!
-Elder MacArthur
        --EL FUERTE--

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