Monday, April 11, 2011


yes, i am cool.
 Hi! so big news, we finally had another baptism! his name is esterling, he is 11. had been going to church for like 5 months and i thought he was already a member but alas, he was not! so ya, that's cool! and then transfers are Tuesday, and crazy stuff is happening. I'm staying with my current comp, but the other companionship is leaving, and our area is becoming a 2 man area. this area is WAY too big for only 2 missionaries! and so where we are working and they are working is about a 2 hour walk apart. super. so we are gonna have to juggle that for a few weeks....but, we should have a goodly number of baptisms next transfer then! I'm gonna have to work my tail off though, man alive its going to be a crazy transfer. in other news, this transfer we will have the last interview with pres almonte! he only has 2 transfers left and then after we get the new president! crazy. dunno if I'm stoked or sad. i guess we will find out though eh? so ya. that's my news for the week. oh, and i want cabo pictures! thanks much.

my blister got a bit bigger.... (no worries, its kinda gone now...)

why yes, it is a dead cat.

carlos. prolly the funniest kid. ever  

all my money came out in 100 bills....7600 pesos in 100 bills!!

coming home from conference stuffed in the back of a truck

baptizm of esterling, 11 years old. a reference from a family that he lives by

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