Monday, April 18, 2011

hi hi!

Hello world! well this week sure has been interesting. we have been trying to take over the area of the other missionaries that left here while at the same time working in our area that we have been working in. yay adventures! we have mostly succeeded, but some of their investigators we cant find and others are never home. that area is like a 2 hour walk from where we are working....aye! so ya. that's so much fun let me tell you. this area was small for 2 companionship's, but now this is a ginormous area for only 1! and because we are the only ones here we have been getting references like mad and we are actually struggling to keep up with all of them. its amazing. this transfer has so much potential. at the moment we have at least one strong fecha for every single Saturday of the transfer. we had one on Saturday(more on that later), we WILL have one this Saturday, the next a few people, but one of them is for sure (she is the sister of one of my other baptisms here and already knows everything), and more and more! so this is gonna be a good transfer but wow its gonna be exhausting, but asi es the misson!
So, Saturday we had another baptism. her name is Mari, and she is amazing. she was a reference from a girl in the ward, and the girl who referred her is a super flojo member. but, mari is not, she is going to be amazing, she even showed quite a bit of interest in serving a mission! she is 16 now and now we are going to start teaching one of her friends who she brought to her baptism (and she already told us she wants to be baptized!) and also her little sister and brother. at this point her parents have no interest, but are supportive. baby steps! and then this coming Saturday we are going to baptize an 8 year old kid, he is the nephew of a "member" (she isn't a member because her husband is lame and will not marry her, and she cant move out cuz she cant afford to support her family alone. but she is working on getting the money to move out). His name is Alexander. so ya, stoked!

our baptizm on saturday, her name is Mari, 16 years old. she is amazing, super strong, and told us she has thought about serving a mission! 

this picture does not do justice to how huge this bug was.

really amazing sunrise in front of the house


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