Monday, April 25, 2011

Semana Santa!

So this week was semana santa (holy week) and it was strange man. alot more drinking and loud music than usual, lots of people with inflatable pools in the middle of the street, and alot of people not home. man. Thursday was absolutely insane, every one was out in the street, drinking, dancing, and just making as much as much noise as possible. i really haven't seen so many drunk people. and then Friday was "good Friday" and that's the day where everyone just sits at home all chill and rests from Thursday. and then Saturday we had another baptism. His name is Alexander, and he was actually an investigator of the other missionaries that were in our house before they got taken out, but we took over when they left. he is 8 and a reference. We had to do the baptism at 3 in the afternoon because that's the only time that all his family could come and...aye. not one member came. in fact, we had to call some other missionaries to come down the the baptism just so we had could have another witness. but, hey, it was still good! and then Sunday he didn't come to  church...his aunt didn't pick him up and he cant get there alone, hes only 8,. so we have to confirm him next week. lame.

a family that we are teaching right now!

me and elder christiensen at a zone conference

the daughter of one of our investigators
Elder MacArthur

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