Monday, May 2, 2011

Im in the DR!

Hey fam, this week was good! we had another baptism, her name is Nayelis. she is the granddaughter or barbina, of of my baptisms awhile ago, and sister of oscar, also an older baptism. so that's good! we had another fecha for this week, but it fell....she got a boyfriend and now there are a few things stopping her from baptism. bummer for sure. but, we still have 3 pretty solid fechas for this transfer,so that is good news for sure. not much else to say. I'm really sorry i send lame emails. i just dunno what to say. haha. but, hey, this week i get to call you!! i have NO idea when. haha, so...surprise!!. it will be Sunday..that's all i know. so, get stuff ready to ask me! ill try and think of things to say, but, have things to ask! haha. oh, more cool news. i hit 11 months this very day. cool beans.

barbina, yiyi, nayelis, a friend, and oscar

eaton with a bunch of the kids

me, barbina, nayelis, elder eaton

yep, i learned how to make an AMAZING natural tea. be excited come winter 2012 and you can try it!

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