Monday, May 16, 2011

Milk was a bad choice!

Man its hot! defiantly starting to be summer! it will rain for like 5 seconds everyday and then be 95 degrees and SOOO humid. man alive. but, on the good side, we had another baptism! ill send pics....prolly next week. I'm at an awful Internet center, the good ones inverse (battery thing) does not work. so, we are at a crappy one and the Internet is too slow to send pics. so ya. but her name is Perla, she was a reference and is awesome. and i was lucky enough to direct the baptism, which, surprisingly i haven't had to do yet! haha, so that was cool. and sorry, i sent an email last week that just said it was good to talk to you all for mothers day, i guess none of you got it! sorry! but this week was cool. we had interviews with the president and i asked him to send me campo, and he said he would! he just told me to call and remind him Thursday so that will be cool! next week ill tell you where I'm going! I'm hoping to go to an area called enriquillo barahona, its way down south and super hot, but its ON THE BEACH. ya. the house is like 20 yards from beach. and apparently the ocean breeze keeps the heat to bearable. but, its also an area where members are phyco and throw rocks at the missionaries. so we will see. hahah. but, the only other cool thing this week was a surprise intercambio with the zone leaders. i was with elder Kieley, who is amazing. i love that kid. his Spanish is better than the Dominicans. really. he can correct their Spanish. its amazing. and he is sooo smart. he is the missionary i wanna be haha. but anywho, i love you guys and ill see if i can get this thing to send some promises...
elder MacArthur
oh, PS. i used white out and put accents on my plaque. haha so I'm now Élder MacÁrthur. as is should be. haha.

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