Monday, May 23, 2011

Las Matas de Farfan!

Hey kids! OK, so i actually have a few cool stories!! so first off. we got transfer calls last night! and i am the CAMPO!! ya! sooo stoked. man. I'm going to an area called Las Matas de Farfan. its in the zone of San Juan, which is WAY out there. its like 30 min away from Haiti haha. so far out there, soooo happy! so that will be fun to tell you about next week! i go tomorrow morning sometime. its gonna be a long day of traveling!

And i had pretty much the spiritual highlight of my mission up to now this week. so, we were going to visit a few of the siblings of on of our baptisms, and we took a back route to her house. right before her house a girl is sitting there, and stopped us and told us she wanted us to bring her the word. we at first thought she was just kinda being flirty, but found out where she really lived and set an apt for the next day. so we went, and. wow. it was an excellent lesson. it was short but really good. she really did have interest. so, we left her a pamphlet and then passed by the next day. so no, its Saturday, and we go there. we start talking, and she read nearly the whole thing which is unusual. then she started really talking to us. she told us how she told us that she saw us passing alot and how she always felt that she should talk to us. and then that day, she said that as we passed she had a super strong feeling that she talk to us, right then. and then the spirit was way strong. she said that before she didn't like the Mormon's and such, but after us talking to us and reading she liked us alot.

Then she told us about her prayer when she asked if what we said was true and that she wanted an answer and then that that night she dreamt of demons. sigh. so we talked about that, and how God answers prayers and that was and answer from Satan, trying to scare her. we talked that if she was investigating a false church then Satan is cool with that, but if she is investigating the true church then Satan is going to fight against her alot. then we shared galatas 5: 22-23 which talks about the fruits of the spirit. later we started talking about the restoration, and i just started to bawl as i testified of it. it was amazing. she then started talking about how she felt and she started to cry. man, she is a chosen one if i have ever seen one. one of her daughters that is 10 is also really interested. they are going to be really amazing. she is one of the reasons that i don't want to leave this area. i want to see her get baptized. moments like that make everything in the mission that is awful oh-so very worth it. i love it.

So, last story, this is Presidente Almontes last transfer! he leaves week 5 of this transfer! crazy. that is going to be so weird getting a new pres. man. 
OK, well, I'm WAY behind in sending you pictures. so ill do that now. we are at a legit Internet center. cool beans. 
Elder MacArthur

MANGASO! or to say, huge mango!! so good. 

some cool places in my area. 

no, i do not know any of these kids. haha. we were contacting, took a few pictures, and all the sudden they all flocked to us (no, it is not weird. actually very common haha)

the others are just pictures from that barrio, los coquito 2

i a was raining hard.

our baptism from last week, Perla

just for mom! a member here sews! she fitted all my shirts :)

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