Monday, May 30, 2011

Nearly in Haiti

river we have to cross like 2 times a day. a bit more difficult after lots of rain...

-knarly rain, the road was a river!

yep, a frog

Hi fam! so this week was super different. Tuesday, wake up at the crack of the dawn, get a taxi to take me and my bags to the capitol. get there, then the APs take me to a huge bus station. i hop on a Caribetours bus (like a La Bus or something like that) alone! it was crazy. then it was like a 3 hour bus ride. get off and the others are there waiting for me. then, take another taxi to our house, like a 45 min ride away.  So, i am campo. Really campo. i am in the 2nd closest areas to Haiti! i live in a small 4 man house that....well, ive been in better houses....all four of us went 3 days without showing cuz there was no water and the landlady is horrible and crazy and ya. good times.
So, i get here and its all good, defiantly new, cuz its campo. day 2, find out that the land lady is crazy and threatening to kick us out. day 3, the ayudantes (or the say, the APs of the campo) came to check out the house. and it was kinda dirty, but we had NO water to clean it. but anywho, on the other hand, we should be having a baptism this Saturday. her name is Rosmary. so, that's exciting. 
But, what to say. wowsers. campo is crazy. everything is super spaced out and open. lots of goats. less dogs. no food. lots of mud. for real, its been raining like mad here, and its all dirt roads. Saturday was probably one of the knarliest storms that i have ever seen. ever. it was insane. suuuuper loud lightning, crazy rain (you have NO idea how loud rain is in tin houses. it hurts its so loud) my companion is elder hawks, an American, and I'm his step dad! so this is his 3rd transfer, and i am his 2nd companion. its cool. really strange but that's OK, no worries. haha. 
But I'm loving it out here. the work is good, and i have more animo to work haha. the branch is small and there are only like 3 priesthood holders, but, hey, that's what I'm here for right? 
so i went to the famous market in elias piƱa, which is the closest to Haiti, and it was...disappointing. i mean, that market is famous for being huge and being able to find anything. but they had like no ties. but, it was cool to be there. 
But, this Internet center sucks, ill try and send pics, but, lets just say it took about 15 min just for me to log into my email....
but love you guys and talk to ya later!
-Elder MacArthur
on the long drive to San Juan

my new area, las matas de farfan!

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