Monday, June 13, 2011

No hay luz todavía!

Hi! so this week was a bit weird. we have just had a bunch of....well, unlucky things happen. we are very likely going to have to move, we don't have water, cholera is everywhere around here, all of our investigators familys are dying so they cant come to church and today, we haven't have had light for over 9 hours, so every ones batteries are dead at Internet centers. so, here i am writing this at the one center that has a smidge left. but i gotta do it fast, so this might be lame! OK, so right now the best investigator that we have is named jose Luis, he is like 30ish and is amazing. he is sooo interested, and our last apt with him i asked him how he felt and he simply said "i feel great. just waiting, waiting for the day of my baptism" awesome. so he will be getting baptized the 25th. so not this Saturday but the next. i am so stoked. probably the most chosen i have met, man.

Also crazy, we get a new mission pres in like 2 weeks. that is insane. i have no idea what will happen! I'm so excited but nervous. who knows! also, this week i have been super trunky. i have been thinking about home alot, but i guess that's pretty typical for guys when they hit a year. its like YAY! a year! but also, whoa, only a year?! i have to do that again?! but no worries, I'm still glad to be here, but find myself dreaming about American luxuries. man. i miss America haha. but anywho, i don't have time to send pics (and frankly, i don't have too many. ok, i have some cool ones, but you'll have to wait haha. i don't have time to send them.but i love you all, and have a good week!

Elder MacArthur

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