Monday, July 18, 2011

Hi world!

 Hey kids! OK, so this week was a good one but strange. so, as i said last week, i am now district leader, and its cool but just really monotonous. all i do is take numbers and stuff, but hey, someone has to do it right? haha. so Wednesday we had interviews with the new pres. so, with Pres Almonte, the interviews were about 4 hours total for the zone. it was 6 with the new pres, but he had to get to know us all and talk about alot of things in the interviews. he is an amazing guy, I'm really stoked to have him as our new mission pres. but it was cool, and the interviews where in San Juan, meaning after the interviews we still had like an hour drive back to our area. we didn't get to work that day until like 6 pm haha. it was crazy. and then Thursday Friday and Saturday we have had some gnarly rain in the afternoon. so needless to say our numbers were a little low this week. but no worries, we still got alot done.

We have a little family that we are working with, but aren't suuuper interested. they like sharing, but aren't super sure about baptism yet. but i think that they will feel better when they go to the church. they haven't been able to come for the last 3 weeks but this week they have assured me that they are going to go. we shall see. but other then them we are still in a dry spell when in comes to people to teach. but, cant give up hope! we have been working alot with in actives, or trying to, and we got a guy to come to to church again finally after like 15 years of inactivity. his son came too. it was amazing, i really hope that he keeps on coming and becomes a worthy priesthood holder again. but ya, that's about how things are going here in Las Matas. but I'll send some pics, attached here are 3 of a crazy lagoon about 40 min from the house, with a couple of the members. its waaay out in the middle of nowhere, next to some American medonnites, who sell AMAZING yogurt, milk, and cheese. mmmmm....
'Elder MacArthur

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