Monday, August 1, 2011

Do you like boys?

Hi family! OK, so I'm determined to write a good letter this week, as long as apes updates my blog. deal? cool beans. so, i forgot to tell you but last week for pday we went with some of the members into the wilderness of las matas, and explored come lagoons and such. it was way fun. pictures to come. then Tuesday, well lets just say that i was in pain from the mad sunburn i had from Monday....the whole coller tan leaves the neck quite vulnerable when wearing a normal tshirt again...but we had district meeting (i liked those way more when i didn't have to plan and direct them). it was my comps bday so we hit up some ice cream afterwards and then he opened up his gifts from the fam. the sent him a card game called Monopoly Deal, and its AMAZING. its monopoly, but in 15 min with cards. so amazing. but Tuesday we had about 15 lessons planned, and taught....none. they all fired us. lame'o. but that's kinda how are days have been lately.

Wednesday was kinda the same. had 11 lessons planed, and taught one. not much of a confidence booster.
Thursday was much better. out of 8 lessons we taught 3! but, defiantly did not set return citas...not good. they just all wanted to contend and dispute and such. but Thursday, wow, it was HOT HOT HOT! it is defiantly august! man alive sooo hot. and, here, the whole "warm before the storm" is more true than ever. it gets waaay humid and hot, and then the heavens BURST. it rained. and rained HARD.
Friday, we went and visited a few people, then had to go open the church for the other missionaries. we then got stuck there for 2 hours. they were having a youth activity there and no one had keys but us, and we cant leave when no one else can lock the doors. so we had to wait for two hours for someone with keys to come. let me just say i was less than happy about that. especially since that was our time to contact to put new lessons. right when we left, it started to downpour again, and here its impossible to contact while its raining. so, came Saturday and we had nothing to do. that was a hard day. made a bit better by the fact that we got stuck in a colmado for like 2 hours because it was nearly hurricane outside. it was some of the gnarliest rain i have ever seen. yes, we are about to enter hurricane season.

Saturday morning was cool, i got to do my first baptismal interview as district leader! it was of a 14 year old boy and he was way legit. super escogido! it was amazing. Then Saturday night we get in the house, and everything is wet! it was raining so hard that the walls and windows were pretty much leaking (and we might have left a few windows was blue skies when we left!). and we get home and we have no water from the pipes, our landlady downstairs is drunk and blasting loud music. we call and complain to the office for the millionth time, and por fin gives us the go ahead to move! so all we have to do now is wait for the elderly missionaries to check off the huge amazing house we found and then we are moved and away from satan lady! oh, and we found out today that the water bill has not been paid for 5 and a half YEARS. that's right. she never gave us the bills so we didn't know, and there have only been missionaries there for 13 months. so we paid like 3500 pesos today for our debt and she has to pay the other near 120000 peso debt....which is!

Sunday we finally had one of our investigators in church and so that was amazing. we have been teaching him for like 5 weeks. His name is Adrian and is way cool. just needs to get a litte more animated for his baptism and going to church. Then, Sunday we are on the way to pick up a member to leave with us, and i get a phone call. From the Assistants. that usually means I'm in trouble (and i didn't think i did anything wrong) or special transfer. turns out #2 was right! found out my comp was going to the capital and that i was going to receive a new comp that isn't even a missionary. he is a member! he is whats called a mini missionary and is my comp until the next transfer, so nearly exactly 2 weeks. so I'm basically training, but he is even more green than that, knows nothing of the mission. he arrived here today. he is way tall and seems cool! so it will be good, I'm really stoked. its just weird walking around with a guy that does not have a plaque on. way weird. but this happed i guess because alot of people left the mish yesterday, all ended. they left early for school or something so to fill in the vacancy's they send some people mini missionaries to fill in the vacancy i guess? they didn't tell us detailed. so, ya. that's about the week for ya. now, I'm going to send you lots of pictures since i have not done that for way too long.
bye, love you guys!
-Elder MacArthur

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