Monday, August 15, 2011


Hello family! this week was pretty standard. working with my mini missionary was way cool, he is amazing, and is a really great teacher and has a super strong testimony. i learned alot of stuff from him. he left this morning and so i am just in a trio for today and tomorrow morning till i receive my new companion. his name is elder Martinez, is Dominican, and supposedly he is super not so fun. not obedient at all, so we will see how that will go. so ya, ill tell you next week how he is! anywho, so right now i will give you a little update. so, right now we have 3 people who have a fecha. Amber, she is 9, and a reference from a less active family, the mom is now active but the dad is far from it. but the amber is super stoked to be baptized and will do it the 27th of Agosto.

Then we have a girl named yamilet, she is also amazing. she is 14 and is super smart and stoked to be baptized. she lives here with her grandma, her parents live in the capital, are members, but abandoned her and her 2 brothers at her grandmas house, they are all sick. have some sort of blood disease and so they are really small, and one brother is super handicapped. but none the less she is awesome and should be baptized the first weekend of September. then we have another girl named Liliana. she is 25, and a little flirty, but in all reality for sure is interested. she is super smart and really learns from the folletos we leave and stuff. we can leave chapters in the BOM and she reads them and understands it all. she is really amazing, was at church and really enjoyed it. she has a fecha for the 10th of Sept. im so stoked for this.

This transfer passed was the first transfer with no baptisms for me. that really sucks, but i really think that we will have a few this next transfer! but i am happy to be getting another Dominican so i can start learning Spanish again, but i have just been hearing so many things that aren't so great about him, like getting caught multiple times with personal cell phones, and stuff like that. just a really tigre missionary. so, I'm gonna have to be on my toes this whole time. super.
but anywho, that's about it! i cant respond to most you cuz once again, i only got a letter from heather (an excellent letter from heather, i will say)
so ya, please write me. i really don't like going a week, let alone 2, without knowing about how you guys are doing...
but i love you!
Elder MacArthur

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