Monday, August 8, 2011


Hey fam! so, first off it you were wondering if the hurricane hit me, no. i will get into that later.

So! Monday. as i said last week it was a special transfer, and i got a mini missionary. tal vez is not his name, that translates to "maybe" in English. Tuesday, i found that my companion (Hno. Moreta) teaches very well! we were walking to a lesson and then all the sudden i get a call from a zone leader, saying that a hurricane is coming, we have to go home and buy a weeks worth of food. that was crazy. so i give the rest of my district a call, and find that the other companionship here left their cell phone in the house of an investigator on accident. i was freaking out to say the least. i couldn't get ahold of him and we had to go home and buy food and stay in the house until we got the green light to go back out. so Wednesday, we are still housebound. we stayed in the house the whole day, it was awfully boring. and to make it worse, they kept saying the hurricane was close, but it was suuuper hot, no wind, no clouds. it was lame. that is all that happened.

Thursday we wake up and it is super windy and cloudy. we think for sure were going to have to stay in today. nope! they gave us the go ahead to leave, so it was a miserable wet windy muddy day. had to go and visit all the people that we fired the day before and it was just not a fun day, and was raining hard enough so that we were not able to set citas for the next day. . Friday was a bit better, but we had nothing to do because of the lack of contacting the day before. we visited old investigators, members, inactive members, and was a suuuper long day. and the end of the day we went to an English class that and inactive member teaches, and alas no one showed up. so that was also a waste of time. sigh. lets just say it was a really hard week in all this week. not to mention the ridiculous humidity and heat the last few days, it has been killer!

Saturday was a normal day, nothing out of the ordinary, and Sunday, out of 16 appointments, only 3 were taught. wow. NO ONE was in there house, and like 3 of them hid when we got to the door which is always my favorite. so sorry this letter is not as good as last week, but I'm on an awful computer and it keeps shutting off and freezing, so i have been really struggling with it this whole time. sorry! ill try and get a better one next week, just seems like the whole world decided to use the Internet today and no Internet centers had 2 computers available but this! but i love you guys and i will talk to you next week! bye!

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