Monday, August 22, 2011

Brady, thats me!

Family! ok, so this week was defiantly a good one. so,

Tuesday, we go to caribe tours bus station to pick up my comp, and i remember him! he was in my zone for 1 transfer in San Cristobal, and i remember that he was one of the only Dominicans that i could not understand at all when i left there. he has a really raspy voice and has an accent from cibaou (the north part of the country). but as the week has progressed, he keeps asking seemingly innocent questions, but were questions trying to determine what kind of missionary that i am and what he could get away with while he is with me. but, all in all we have been getting along really well. we have not had any problems at all.

Friday we had zone conference. it was insane. the new president and his wife are going crazy. in a good way, but wow. the zone leaders were in the capital ALL DAY at a conference on Thursday, then Friday they tell all the stuff to us. so, we started at 9, the zone leaders knowing we would all have alot of questions about what was happening. he was right! he changed sooo many things. and apparently he is going to be bringing back music maybe, if people are obedient to the new rules he has given. basically he hit the reset to default button on the mission and then is tweaking it slightly to fit the mission better. its just a BIG change from Pte. Almonte. so we will see how everything will go! oh, and I'm still District Leader. Saturday had the baptism of one of the other companionship's, he is amazing. named Tito, and really a great guy, he has completely changed his life around t be baptized!

But nothing really more happened. we are gonna have a baptism this weekend, por FIN! a 9 year old girl named Amber. she is part of a a member family. then we should have 2 more in the next 2 weeks, so we shall see! I'm just glad to finally start having some success again, its been a long dry spell here in Las Matas...
so, apparently there is a hurricane that's gonna be passing by here in not much time. nothing is really happening here, nothing ever does haha. so no worries! ill just have muddy shoes for a few days, not like that's unusual!

Also, random thing of the week, on of our investigators, Lilian, has a 22 year old sister, who is pregnant. we were trapped in their house during a torrential downpour yesterday yesterday and they asked for my first name. they couldn't say it very well, but apparently said 22 year old girl really likes the name Brady, and plans to name her baby boy Brady in December when he is due. she is also very upset that i will not be there for the birth in December, and proceeded to pout in a corner. it was a very strange experience to tell you the least haha. but ya, i am really jealous that you were all at bear lake, i wanna go swimming so bad! haha, but no worries, 9 ish months....
but, i love you all!

Elder MacArthur

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