Monday, August 29, 2011

Montame la Pura!

Family! so to answer every one of your questions about the hurricane, no, i did not get hit. at all. i didn't even get rain. ya, it DID NOT RAIN. at all. i was super disappointed. so, ya sorry. it was super anti-climactic. anywho, this week was a little weird. i do indeed have a few stories! so, Tuesday. we taught a billion lessons. it was insane. in the morning we had to take a bus to san juan (an hour away) and have a meeting with the zone leaders. it was a meeting for just the district leaders, stuff that president wanted us to talk about it the district meetings.  but story, like i said about the pres changing all the rules? ya. so now we cannot leave with members younger than 17, so our member present lessons have gone from 15-20 a week to 1-5 a week.yikes. and now when we contact we contact in a completely different way, and we are not allowed to put citas with girls unless they are part of a family or we are positive that they actually have real interest. which, i like, but also makes it really hard to have alot of lessons a day. and we are working WAY more with the leadership here since they are pretty apostate sometimes. so ya, more on that later. 
Wednesday, it was super cloudy and kinda windy from the hurricane, but that's it. no rain, no relief from hot. but, we had district meeting, and surprise! the APs show up to my district meeting! guess what? las matas de farfan is about a 4 hour drive for the APs! awesome. but it was really good, it was a good district meeting, i organized it well haha. so i got a big high five from one of the APs. Thursday, was a bad, bad day. i dunno why. i was super crabby, super tired, and had a gnarly headache all day. not a good day at all.  Friday was a normal day, nothing really spectacular happened. but Saturday, ya! we had a baptism! her name is Ambal and she is super cool, 9 years old. i baptized her, and when she went under she decided to take a nice big breath of water. awesome! but it was all good. so ya, su`per stoked about that! 
Then we had another fecha, named Liliana, but we are going to have to drop her. lets just say that is is 100% in love with me. as in, she called this morning from a blocked number and started saying that she loved me and my eyes and my way of being and such, and just kept saying "¡te quiero mucho!, ¿no me quieres?" which means, i love you! don't you love me? and it was not we are going to have to drop her. craziness. and then we will be having another baptism on the 10th, a 14 year old girl, super smart and really stoked. so ya. things are kinda picken up here finally! its been good. my comp is defiantly not very obedient, but we defiantly are getting along and i can keep him under control. he also is a PHENOMINAL cook. so i will learn from him and cook you guys some amazing Dominican food when get home! it will be good.
Also, it is defiantly Agosto. super hot. wowsers, and to dad, i WISH it was got to 73 in our house at night! and was less than 90 degrees in the evening when we get home!
Also, side note. this week, was SUPER hard in general for me. i dunno why, i have been super home sick this week. it went away with the baptism. but wow, i dunno what happened to me. i was freaking out i was so homesick. but i love you guys and i pray for you all constantly, and i love the mission, but i also cant wait till i can see you all again! thanks so much for supporting me and being the greatest family in the world! love you all!
Elder MacArthur

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