Monday, September 5, 2011

Stalker? Maybe so...

Wow, what a week. so, Monday, me and my comp are walking, and all the sudden i get a call, its private, and its from our investigator, Liliana. she starts to talk and express her love for me and such...ya. so, that sucked. so Tuesday we went to he house one last time, shared a bit and invited her to continue reading in the book of Mormon. so, we left, with the intention of never leaving again. then, we start getting texts from Liliana's sister and we find that she is in love with my companion. awesome. more on this later. 
So Wednesday we work for just a few hours, catch the last bus to San Juan, and then head down there to spend the night. i slept on the hard floor, with my book of Mormon as a pillow! ya! then early Wednesday morning we got the first bus to Azua to have zone conference with president and Elder Cornish(70, new presidency member of the Caribbean). it was super good, all about faith, but really, Really long. we were there from 8 am until 3 in the afternoon. it really so so long. but afterwords, me and my comp had to talk to president about the whole Liliana situation, and he almost special transferred us, but we told him that as of now, it wouldn't be a problem. she had called us over 10 times durning that conference...aye aye aye. 
Anywho, so we then go home, and because we got out there so late, we did not get back to our area until 8 at night. Friday was a normal day, just trying to get back on schedule and make up all the people we had to fire from getting back so late the day before. in the afternoon Liliana called us from a different number, and was asking why we hadn't come by, and my comp told her why, and then she just hung up. about 15 min later we get a long text message with a bunch of excuses, trying to tell us that its just a joke, and that if we don't pass by her mom will be all mad because she liked listening to us and such. then Saturday, me and my comp went to the market early to go and buy a bunch of food for the next few weeks. and on the way, guess who we ran into? you bet it was Liliana! she cornered us and started interrogating us, and we got outta there as fast as we could. sunday, she comes to church, and it was just super awkward. she then asks if she is still going to be getting baptized this coming Saturday, and we told her no. it really sucks, because she really does have a testimony and does want to be baptized but we can no longer do it. so, in a few months, when new missionaries are here they can give her a call and go and teach her. so ya. pretty much my week has been normal other than trying to deal with all this Liliana madness. 
Also, its been like flood raining everyday for a few hours. so, needless to say, we have AWFUL numbers. but none the less, we will be having another baptism this week if all goes good, her name is Yamilet, and she is 14, super cool. so that should be happing if all goes well!
Good news, were going to the temple tomorrow! so we once again have  to sleep in San Juan tonight, but I'm stoked to go to the temple again! even though round trip its over 8 hours of travel in one day...aye!
also, next p day is different, you all NEED to write me Sunday, not Monday. my p day ends at like 1 your time next week. so, ya. just be aware of that. that would be awesome.
anywho, love you all, and i will try and send pics next week, i keep getting unlucky and getting all the crappy computers that do not like to send pics, and its been awhile. so, ill try and do better with that next week. anywho, love you all!
-Elder MacArthur

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