Monday, September 26, 2011


Hey fam! ok, so this week was a little...hard. my and my comp have not been getting along as well. but i do have one really cool story. so, Saturday we were leaving a neighborhood and i went into a colmado to buy some water, and inside was a drunk guy. he grabbed my hand and starting rambling off about how he has a book that talks about Joseph smith and that we wants to talk to us. i was at first thinking he was crazy. i told him when we passed by his house, that he should call us then and we would talk to him when he wasn't drunk. he insisted, so i put a cita with him for Sunday evening.
Sunday we pass by his house, and at first he doesn't recognize us, and then finally remembers. he invites us in and we go and talk with him. we start the lesson and it actually starts really good. every time we brought out a scripture to teach a principal, he started to smile and understood exactly what we were trying to teach. the then goes in the back room and gets an old book. its an old D and C and Pearl of great price. way old, the first of the Spanish ones. that was the book he was talking about. now, even crazier. on Friday, the day before i met him, he had a feeling about that book and that he should start reading it. so he read a bit and was loving it, and then the next day we met. that lesson we had with him was one of the coolest lessons I've yet had in the misson. he is a chosen one for sure. he has so much faith and is positive that when he prays he will receive and answer that all we said was true. so amazing, really. but, i wont see him progress more, because I'm piecing outta Las Matas de Farfan! 
I'm going to Ocoa, its in like the middle of the county, google it and you ll see. its really green and mountain up there. in fact, its THE area that i have wanted to go to since i started the mission haha. i am really stoked. its also a 6 man house! there are 3 companionship's there. I'm going to be with Elder Adams, i lived with him my first transfer here, so that should be good! he is cool! we are really different, but i think we should get along just fine! so this letter is gonna be way lame I'm sorry but i spent all last night packing and today, and packed away my agenda with my list. ill give you all a good legit update next week, and hopefully ill have a good computer to send some pictures and such. we have to leave my area in about 2 hours and spend the night in San Juan since we cant leave here early in the morning. but i love you all and will for sure give you a good update next week!!
'Elder MacArthur
ps, anthony gets home on the 3rd!! so...ya. thats cool.

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