Monday, September 19, 2011


Hi! so this week, well, to tell the truth has been a more difficult one for me. so, Monday, after we left Internet, we went to English class with an inactive member who teaches it. it was good, i really like going to that class and helping them out. Tuesday, we set 2 new baptismal dates, there names are Yessher and Cenaida. they are awesome. Yessher is 26 and Cenaida, his mom, is like 62. but they are super amazing and have a ton of interest. Wednesday was really typical, and super duper hot. but nothing of any real note happened that day in truth. Thursday was insane. we had a TON of lessons planned and  we were running behind almost all day, and it wasn't really good, since all the people we taught had ZERO interest in what we were saying, only talking to us so that they wouldn't be rejecting the word of God. man, i feel bad for missionaries who go places where no one wants to talk to them or don't believe in God, but i assure you all when EVERYONE will talk to you just because you will be talking about God, who will be hearing but not listening, man, its suuuper frustrating! but ya, the last few lessons of the day we passed by just to put a lesson for the next day since we were out of time for the day, and far away from the house. 
Friday we had District Meeting, and the Zone leaders came to bring us some mail and to do an Intercambio. boo, i hate intercambios, i think they are soo inefficient. anywho, i was with Elder Vargas, he is cool. we had a alot of spare time that day, since we couldn't contact the day before and so we kinda went on an adventure in the middle of nowhere. it was cool enough, minus the super heat. then, that night we had organized a movie night with the members and investigators. Yessher and Cenaida came and it was great, we watched Legacy. Saturday, we got very little done, first we got fired by our first lesson, so we went to English class again, the teacher really wanted  to meet his Saturday afternoon class. it was awful, i remember why me and Hawks never went there, full of super flirty 13-16 year old girls. awful. we were about to leave, and out of NOWHERE the heavens burst. hard. it was raining suuuper hard. and then, it started to rain harder. come to find out that it was hailing. like, huge chunks of ice. it was insane. all the class was freaking out, i guess it is super rare for it to hail here even one time a year. then, about 20 min later it was blue sky with the sun shine out, and hotter than you can possibly imagine. aye aye aye. 
Later we had a few lessons and every single one fired us, we visited a few other people close by, and then had a meeting with the leadership at 6. and we learned something great in the meeting, the entire Caribbean area is now FORBIDDEN from reading from the Liahona magazine for talks in sacrament! it was a habit here now, people would get up, say "i chose my talk from the liahona of x month of x year" and then proceed to read an article, then testify for about 5 seconds about it, and leave. awful. it was so boring and awful. but from the area presidency it is now forbidden since all the missionaries were freaking out about it, it was awful. we also talked alot about improving the quality and reverence of sacrament meeting and such, its a really big problem here. so that was the first leadership meeting i have had here that we actually accomplished something. baby steps! then Sunday after church, we brought Yessher and Cenaida to the church and watched the Jose Smith, prophet of the Restoration video so they could learn more about him, they had questions after watching legacy about why there was so much persecution and why Jose smith was killed. but it was a really good lesson with them. And so ya, that was my week. Sorry this was not a great letter, once again i left my little list i had made in the house...but i love you all, have a good week!
-Elder MacArthur

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