Monday, September 12, 2011

¡Gallinas estan atacandome!

1y2 in the wilderness of las matass de farfan

Hi kids! ok, so I'm gonna try and write you all a better letter this week! ok, so, first off. Monday, right after we left Internet center, we went back to the house to pick up our stuff, and then go walk to the lessons we have. right before we get there, we get a call from the zone leaders, saying we have to sleep in azua that night, since we were going to the capital on Tuesday to go to the capital. azua is super far away, like, from las matas where i am, its about 2.5 hours. so, we immediately go back home to pack up our stuff, and catch a bus to San Juan, then from San Juan to azua. it was way awful. get to azua, then we have to split our entire zone into 4 houses. the house i was in was a 2 man house. we had 8 people there that night. it was awesome. then, we wake up at 5 am, and get a bus to the capital, like 2 hours and a bit. get to the temple por fin, and chill for a bit and wait for president and the APs to show up. go to the temple, which is always good, then we have to leave fast. we put way to many people in the office van, and go off to Caribe Tours (it a big bus company here) so we can get the 115 bus back to San Juan. we got there at 114. if we missed the 115 bus, the next isn't until 5. and its a 3 hour and a bit drive. and from San Juan to las matas is an hour. so if we missed it we wouldn't be home till at least 9. but, lucky there was a bus that was actually leaving at 2! so we got that one and all was good. so we got home at around 7, and we just showered and such, since we had gone 2 days without showering and nearly 10 hours of traveling.

awesome lagoon with chikitin, a cool member kid

more wilderness

Wednesday we start out the day contacting! ya! that is an excellent way to start the day....not! and we had a few lessons planned and the all fired us. lame! we had a lot of spare time after that, so we went and picked up the new pants that i had made and they are amazing, just FYI. then at night, we bought some real milk (as in, straight from cow) and my companion made an amazing sweet milk candy thing. wow. Thursday, was really, REALLY hot. like, really hot. for real. my companion made and amazing locro with ribs! mmmm soo good. we had like 16 lessons planned, we went to a few, and then it started to rain. like, Noah era type rain. lets just say, once it ended, to leave to area we were in, we had to get wet up to the knees. and we were walking on the sidewalk!! it was insane. it was only raining for like 30 or 40 min, but it rained SO much. also, there was a ton of lightning. this country is cool. especially in mountain areas like this one, we have electrical storms almost every night. just random lightning off in the distance all the time. its pretty cool. but anywho, ill try and send pics today, and if so i have some good ones! 

member with super cool shirt, named Coco

Friday, we had to go and visit all the people we couldn't visit on Thursday and share with them of put an appt with them for a different day. then we went to the other lessons that we had and it was another good day of nearly everyone firing us. the rest of the day we just visited a bunch of members and such. Saturday was good, it started with eating a cantaloupe sized mango, then we finally had a member to leave with us. and we taught like 10 lessons with him. it was really good, only problem was with the rain and everything, our agenda was a little messed up so we had to walk to one side of the area, and then the next lesson was on the other side, and it was like that all day. needless to say by the end of the day i was absolutely exhausted. we also ate a bunch of 10 peso bollitos, they are little things of yuca, and they are amazing! wow. anywho, now Sunday. Sunday so many random little things happened. so we go to church, and we had a record low of 44 people in church, including us 4 missionaries and little kids. it was awful. in elders class they just all argued about really unimportant doctrine. then we leave for the day, and our first lesson isn't until 430, so we decided to go and visit some members that live in Los cartones, witch is pretty far away. on the way we get stopped by a crazy drunk guy, asking us how long we have been in the service (ALOT of people think that we are military and that we are from the CIA, legitimately) and we told that it wasn't true and that we are missionaries, so he started yelling and saying "i am a chemist! i know that you are cia!" and really random stuff like that, and he kept saying he hate Americans but he wants to live with them and it was just super strange. 
stuck in the mud in the wilderness
So later on, at our first lesson, we are sharing with this girl and her super catholic neighbors, and her son is sitting on her lap. he is a little less than a year old i believe. now, some background. here, kids are ALWAYS naked. always. so, this naked baby is sitting on her lap, and i am in the middle of explaining how Christ established his church, and all the sudden we hear a way gross sound and the boy had just explosively pooped all over the ground. luckily it missed her, but the boy just acted like nothing happened. the neighbor lady just laughed and said "wow! without shame! (sorry, that's a bad translation...its better in Spanish "hai, sin vergüenza eh?!" ) and it was super funny. then, as they lady was cleaning it up, we hear another crazy sound. look back, and there is a chicken (also, LOTS of chickens roam the streets here) and it has a frog in its beak. yes, a frog. and it is just beating it to death against rocks and stuff. and there were a ton of other chickens around it trying to steal to frog. it was just super random and hilariously strange. then, things calm down, we finish the lesson, and it was great. it was a REALLY good lesson minus the pooping boy the the murderous gallina. then we go to one more lesson, and the go contact more. and when do you know, we contact a super crazy old lady, go to shake her hand. she grabs it strangely, kinda hunkers down, and super awkwardly kisses our hands. it was so weird. so ya, that was my week! 
elder hawks, my step son who just left me

Juan Antonio Moreta, my new mini misionary son! and dont worry, not getting fat again, just bad camera angle. i promise.
Oh, and not like its anything new, but it has been SUPER hot this week. man alive, and way more humid than normal. and our landlady is still crazy and so we haven't had water for 2 days. today i showered with just over 2 cups of water. yay being clean! also our light schedule has changed so we don't ever really have light at night. its so lame. and by light, i mean electricity. man. lame.
anywho, hope you all have a good week! tell dad that that kid who got called here can email me anytime and i would love to answer any of his questions. also let him know about my blog! ill try not to scare him too much :) haha.
but i love you all!
=Elder MacArthur

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