Monday, October 3, 2011

Ocoa :)

Man, first and foremost, I'm in OCOA! like i said last week, i have always wanted to come here. and holie molie i cant even tell you how right i was! its amazing here. Dad, you would die to be here. really, I'm living in a city on the sides of mountains in the middle of the Caribbean. its so breathtakingly beautiful. so my companion is elder Adams, we lived to gether in las matas my first transfer there, he is really cool! it was also nice to already know him haha. we live in a 6 man house, and its brand new. they just moved into it last transfer. its probably the nicest house in the mission. hot water (if we have power) and 3 bathrooms, one for each companionship. one of the elders here, Elder Luzón is from Spain, but looks Dominican because his mom is Dominican. his accent is awesome. he is probably  my new favorite person ever. he is also gonna try to hook me up with some girls from Spain haha. but he is an amazing soccer player. so good in fact, he plays for Madrid Real, or to say, the best soccer team in the world. he is on the 3rd team, but none the less, amazing. he is training, and only has 4 months himself. Everyone else in my house is way cool as well.

view out my window
So right now we are going to start working in an area called Parra, its super far away, but alot of members live there and the have lots of references. to get there, we have to take off the shoes, roll up the pants and cross a decently sized river. then we have to hike straight up almost into the rain forest (almost). its waaaay up in the mountains. so beautiful. only problem is that its like an hour and a half to get there, across a river on a tiny trail, so there is no transport to get there faster. but its totally worth it. ill try and send some pics, i think this computer can handle it.

crossing the river to Parra

Conference was really good, they have the chapel hooked up the the internet and we just watched it at our own chapel over the Internet, which was great. it would be really hard to bring all the investigatores to Baní, really far down south down the canyon. Elder Cornish of the 70 was really cool to see talk, since he was here not long ago and talked to us for a few hours. he is the newest member of the Carribean area presidency, and probably the most brilliant man i have ever met. and his talk was himself speaking spanish. it was way cool. but ya i don't really have much else to say, i don't really have anything new except new area, but i know very very little about it. oh, I'm district leader again, boo.
anywho, ill go ahead and send some pics now.
Elder MacArthur

More of the path to Parra. Yes, the river waaaay in the back and down there is river we crossed earlier.

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