Monday, October 10, 2011


Family! ok, so very first i will tell you about today, since its fresh on my mind. we had the coolest p day activity ever. we took like a 2 hour hike up the mountain following the river and it was amazing. we ended at a really sweet water fall and a little cave with bats! I'm trying to send pics, but every time i try the Internet is crashing, after i write this email ill try a bit harder, cuz i have some super sweet pictures. so ill try! but i don't have much time so i apologize in advance for this letter...we got home really late! anywho, this week was good. so basically we have now kinda got down how we are working. every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday we are working up in Parra, the far away area, and the other days we are going to stay here in the pueblo to work. its good, but wholie molie i am more exhausted than i have ever been in my life. we are working really hard here, we have to! this week we got 6 references, all up in Parra and so up there we have been working super hard, but its good. alot of the references we have gotten have been excellent. bad news though, we are having a really hard time finding people here to teach in the city. we will have like 20 lessons set for the day, and then all of them fire us, aren't home, don't want to share, and so that has been really hard. but we are doing our best! Sunday was good, the chapel was full and everyone wants to get up and share their testimony. it was great. it could totally be a ward here, but Bani isn't a stake yet, we need 2 more units in this district to become a stake. but we are close!! so ya, good times. anywho, i don't have many other good stories. i really really like this area, and my comp, and all the people that i live with are awesome. so stoked. and we have interviews with president this week, so I'm stoked for that as well!! but really sorry for this lame  email. ill try and send some pics now!

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